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Is it okay to ask a boy to go together to Prom? How to do this if you don’t talk much with him?

I say go for it. We regret the things we don’t do way more than the things we do... plus if you never go for it then you’ll never see. If you go for it and it works out then AMAZING if you go for it and it doesn’t work out then great now you can move on. Either way the mind is relieved

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I want to be a Model and Actress when l get older.What do you want to be?

It would definitely be cool to be a model or actress but because it’s not my goal in life to become a model or actress I think it’s probably not gonna happen because those things go to people who work hard to get there and I’m gonna work hard but I’m gonna work hard on the things that I really would like to do in life like music or spreading information about unknown things and all that

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