Ask @jamietyj:

Hi there,how long have you been on accutane?is it really effective in pimple control?are you still taking it?and does it dry up your skin?

I think I’ve been on accutane for over a year now. I’m taking a low dose (20mg x2 a week) and it is effective for me. It does help in controlling break outs. I don’t get many of the side effects as the dose I’m on is very low but sometimes my lips do get a little dry, but that’s about it.

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may I know do you still get nose fillers done? I’m keen in trying out but not sure where to go and whether if it’s painful!

The last time I did was the start of the year if I remember correctly, and I got it done at Calvin Chan Aesthetics. It’s not painful at all, but I did get numbing. Some people are able to do it without numbing apparently. I’m not too sure of the exact price but one syringe should cost around $800~$1.2k in Singapore?

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Hi there! Love your complexion! How long did it take you to get that kinda complexion? And what treatments do you do at drx or other aesthetic clinics to help achieve that?

I am no longer with DRx actually! I would say that most of the credit for it goes to taking accutane, and the occasional lasers. I am intending to do a full video on this soon :)

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