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Have been following your blog since 2011. So pretty :) not sure is it your face shape, but you look like Linda Chung ^^

Aw thank you! X

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How tall are you?


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Do u intentionally step on ants often?

Yes. I don't like insects.

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Is your face shape oval ? :) Nice. My ideal type as I have squarish forehead :(

I'm not sure what shape my face is actually. Probably oval/heart shaped?

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At a friend's house do you prefer to take off your: A) Shoes only B) Shoes & socks C) Neither

how u last soooo long wiith your bf? omg get married soon!! how many times a week do yall meet up?

I guess it's about both parties making the effort and to give and take. We meet up most days unless either of us have something on :)

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hello! how long have you been with your bf? :)

7 years! 8 in Feb next year :)

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single or attached now?


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Hi I aspire to be a blogger like you! May I know how you started off? Like how did you promote your blog etc

I didn't really promote my blog actually. I started off with CLEO's Next Top Beauty Blogger contest and from then I joined networks (like The Sample Store) that linked me with brands to work with. I didn't get paid from the start, but it's a good starting point if you are really into beauty :)

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How long did the etude house eyebrow tint stay on?

Hmm I actually didn't take note of how long it did exactly since it was a different colour, so I still continued to fill in my brows as per normal

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how are you so cute, even though you are so vain?

I'm sorry I don't quite understand the question? But thanks???

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Hi Jamie! May i know what are you doing now? are you studying? blogging full-time? or do you have a full-time job right now?

I'm blogging full time :)

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Greetings! Ever been curious to experience with another female?


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If you run away from your problems, does it count as exercise?


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then how to ask Eileen qns?

She won't entertain anyway so yeap..

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eileen got askfm?

can intro me Eileen? haha!

I don't even know you... Go drop her a message yourself?

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your born in which year?


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your bf is in nus?


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Why didn't you continue your studies?

There wasn't anything I was interested in studying

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what and where did you do for your poly?

I didn't go for tertiary education.

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Hi Jamie how long did u know ur bf before getting into a relationship with him? How long do you think a guy and a girl should be friends first before getting into a relationship?

A few months if I'm not wrong? I didn't really think that we were going to be in a long term relationship at that point though haha. It's actually dependent on yourself. I personally feel that if you are friends for too long, it will be a little awkward when you transition from friends to lovers, and if you (unfortunately) do end up breaking up, it's will probably be easier for you that way?

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Hello! I know you mention about which hair curler you are using in your prev/past videos but it seems like those are 1/2/3 yrs ago! Are you still using the same hair curler? Can I ask where do you get them? Thank you! Love you lots!

Yeah I actually think it's older than that haha. I still am using it, but I can't find it anymore. I also have another 32mm one from Rowenta that I got from Watsons :). The older one is 38mm!

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If there was an ant on the floor, would you step on it on purpose?

If it's big enough. I hate bugs 😨😨😨😨😨

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Hair care routine? :)

On normal days: shampoo, conditioner/treatment mask, hair oil, blow dry, more hair oil.

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