Ask @janaebryant1:

That goes for you too. You realize that right? In case you haven’t noticed my life is literally a ball of stuff you can’t handle right now and don’t want to talk about.

You realize I haven’t been able to focus on myself since I was like 12, right? I’ve had to keep myself and at least one other person going for the past 6 years. It’s hard for me to take bad news after bad news after bad news. I’ve given all I can. I have nothing left. Not even for myself. My life is the best it’s been all year right now and I still can’t completely find the good. I want to be there for you. I do love you and I do care but I just have no more fuel and I don’t know if I’ll ever get any back. I understand that what you’re going through is hard but I’ve been with you since the very beginning of it. Every high and every low since 2016. I know that you need me and I can’t be that person for you right now and I’m sorry. I wasn’t trained for this. I can check your blood pressure and do CPR and give you a shower and hell I might even be able to tell you the generic name of the medicine you take but I can’t be a therapist anymore. I don’t know how to listen and give good advice or tell you what to do. I don’t know what to do. I’m not okay enough to be okay for you.

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That’s how you’re acting at least

We barely talk and it’s not even just about our problems. We just don’t in general. And then you want to start talking again like nothing is wrong and it’s normal. I don’t see how you can go from ignoring me to saying you’re in love with me. I would understand if you weren’t clearly on twitter and Instagram. It just feels like our conversations are forced now. Every time I tell you something good or exciting you don’t respond until at least a day later. Which once again, I could understand if you weren’t on social media. & I’m emotionally screwed up right now for some reason. I literally can’t handle anything. I just shut off. I can’t feel anything at all. The most I’ve felt in months is probably when I wrecked and had that panic attack. It felt like everything I had built up had blown up in my lungs.

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