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I gave you time to think about shit and calm down but you are set on being like this so I'll tell the world the truth and cry to the streets. Hope ohio likes the facts

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You know what I notice? Mufuckas seeeeeethe and kick and scream at the sting of the silence when that case of the “No Fucking With You” hits that ass. Smh.
The only thing not calm is the storms in your MIND.?Can’t you tell? You’re not even hearing or feeling or getting an iota of reaction or action from me so if “being like this” is that, then so be it. Keep hating the silence of my not fcking with you…
And don’t EVER think you can run no shit by me that’s a threat. You can’t do shit to a bitch but increase my “popularity,” and coin—while you cry your bitter ass self a river. I owe you NOTHING. That’s about as FACT as you aint GOT shit ON me TO threaten or have “facts” ABOUT. 🙄
If you don’t get your tired, exhausting, disgruntled, stalking ass a LIFE, you’d better.🙄
Because i ASSURE you, it does go on🙏
FOH, yo.

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