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Should you care if someone told you that you shouldn’t be here and make you feel like crap when all you ever did was do everything for them but then they make you feel like shit and bad about yourselfs has that happened too you?

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Your feelings will tell you if you care. I don't care how much I've done for someone, if I was ever told that or felt that way with someone I would remove myself. I know my worth and I will not tolerate any of that.
Yea but i grew from the experience i never let someone get close to me ever. Straight hump an dump i can be a whore too karma will or god i would kill all that they held dear to watch them suffer but i dont
I only would worry about my health and mindset... cuz I need my space for myself then we'll figure it out from there cuz I don't want nobody hurt over some dumb shit 💯 honestly I ain't lying whether u believe me or not
You shouldn’t care because they’re not worth caring for since they’re going out of their way to make you feel bad about yourself when you’ve been nothing but good to them from the start. Some people are simply ungrateful and/or have problems of their own that makes them feel miserable so as a result, they choose to try making others feel just as miserable too. Don’t let them get to you, keep your distance from them and wish for them to find a way to heal themselves from what hurt them some day :)

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