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I still think the long neck dino would win the horror costume contest, but because its funny

I’m glad if there’s people still out here like you I wish you nothing but the best and I hope you reach your goals you dangerous motherfucker love ya

See u all got it wrong i dont want her i want to no she ok bye her there is a reason all these people an cops doing this cause they r hiding or stopping her cause if i find out what is going on we all dieing i mean all

I don’t know what’s going on with you my brother, but everything is going to be fine. Just don’t let it get to your head. Don’t get her involved my boy. We got this.

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Should you care if someone told you that you shouldn’t be here and make you feel like crap when all you ever did was do everything for them but then they make you feel like shit and bad about yourselfs has that happened too you?

Keep your head up mama he’s going through it as much as he tries to blame you. He knows he can’t just keep loving his son for the both of y’all

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What is better a vanilla cup cake or a cherry muffin ?

I never heard of such food, but the cherry one sounds good as fuck vanilla

When commenting under posts on social media, do you find yourself frequently deleting and rewriting your comments due to overthinking what you wrote?

Why can’t we just talk

When I told you I was on a different floor, I was waiting for you around the corner because I was confused as to why you didn’t want to see me so I wanted to see if you’d at least try to see me. And you did

Talk to me please

What do you think when you notice strange vibes from people but you can think of no reason why they should be acting strange with you?

I under why the feel that way


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