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Do u like coffee??? if so how do you like it??? and if not why???

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i like coffee only when its super sugary and creamy .. i rly dont like bitter stuff so my coffee is almost to a milk white color omg.. i put real sugar in and vanilla or peppermint cream in !

How are you so cute???????

tYSM .. i just try to be nice + good genes tbh omg.. ur cute too i bet ily

thats so sweet omg! i love kids but i dont like how loud they can be sometimes... luckily they weren't a nightmare!

aaa honestly i dont really ever want kids of my own or anythng n i dnt like thm all tht much but at least im not an asshole to them like other ppl are u kno

how was babysitting???

its alright ! the kids pretty much get to do whatever and they are usually rly quiet n play video games and stuff until mom gets home!

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