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Ch_Wasiq’s Profile Photoچوہدری واثق
Aur Ho - Rockstar ♥️
Meri bebasi ka bayan hai bas chall raha na is ghari ♥️
Rass hasrat ka nichor dooon ♥️♥️
Kazbahon main aa tor doon ♥️
Chahoon kya janoooo na
Cheen loon chor doon♥️♥️
Is lamhen kya kar jaoonnn ♥️♥️♥️
Is lamhen kya kar doon main jo muje chain milley araam milley ♥️♥️♥️♥️
Post anything your favourite

Few lines for your mother...✨❣️

*Main ne Gujranwala tumhare liye chora tha ta k tumhara future acha ho sakey, or tum keh rahy k muje nahi rehna yahan.
Tum hi mera sahara ho ab kyun k muje tum sy hi umeed hai ab baki kisi sy nahi rahi, tum aese rou gy or haar jao gy to main to mar hi jaon gi.*
I still remember these lines of my mom when i was going through deep depression and mental breakdown and i was on the verge to end my life. It was the start of 2017.
I tried to recover from it but failed.
Then i cried in front of my Mom and that healed me in the bestest way.
From that day i never faced that kinda situation where i want to end my life.
Alhamdulilah ♥️
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