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bae trying dodge me like a ball in gym class, with that thick ass, bae always check me like a hall pass

Damn bae, who taught you how to spit them bars? Or you just a natural?

Roses are red. Violets are blue. You have pretty eyes, AND GOT DAM YOU GOT SUM TIG O BITS WTF LETS FUCK

LMFAOOO thank you for the compliment...but wtf haha

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Umm you lay on ya back I put my face between them thighs & you grab whatever you feel like

I'm talking about your head on my boobs part lol but you a freak boy, whoever this is haha

You like grabbin the sheets, a nigga head or ya titties when you gettin that pussy ate?

Tell me how that's possible...

How was freshman yr of college and what to expect your first yr on your own and what age did you feel "independent"?

18 started my independence, first year was great. Major learning experience in so many aspects

I gotta nice uncircumsized dick wit the extra skin I'm tryna lay it on the tip of dat crINack was gud ma

LMFAO you good pa


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