Ask @jasonhewlett207:

Could you expand in a bit more depth as to why you think that the Internet is a tool of the devil (I think that it is too, I just wonder why you think it is)?

Jesus Christ said in Matthew 6:1-6 in the Bible, that no one should practice their righteousness (do good things) before others to be noticed by them. These words will become especially important when the Antichrist (Jesus worst human enemy) shows up and tries to convince everyone to do good things on T.V. or the Internet to be honored and praised by people everywhere. But as Christians, we need to do good things privately, behind closed doors, or behind church walls. Jesus Christ always did good things (especially His miracles) in secret and without fanfare whenever He could. Both T.V. and the Internet are tools of the devil. So we should only use them to preach the good news to people, not to be honored or praised by anyone.

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Do you think you're brave?

When I was 6, I fell in the Susquehanna River (in the winter) and almost drowned. I should have drowned but my mother came and pulled me out of the river just in the nick of time before the ice broke. I love my mom very much and I'll never forget how she saved my life that day.

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Would you want to be internet famous?

Absolutely not. My job is to serve and honor Jesus Christ, not myself. The only reason I'm on the Internet is so people can read up on Jesus' new life and His new name in the 20th and 21st century. My only job is to point everyone to Him--without disobeying His words in Matthew 6:1-6. Like Jesus, I am the enemy of public praise and I won't tolerate being Internet famous. I'm very happy that I'm invisible and that I have no voice.

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I feel like you are trying to do a good thing, you're just a little intense. That's why people aren't taking the things you say well. If you tell people all the things they are doing wrong they wont listen to you they attack back but when you come from a place of love toward them it changes things.

Emily ♡
Thank you Emily. I'll try to compliment and encourage people more, and I'll try to stop criticizing and attacking them. But it still won't work. Social media doesn't work for me.

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