Ask @jaythenerdkid:

"because people of one "race" look incredibly different from each other, so the only way that you could find literally all of them unattractive would be if you were a flaming racist. don't shoot the messenger, buddy." Or you know...they're not attracted to the skin color as well.

yo, you realise not all PoC of one ethnicity are exactly the same colour, right? I have five siblings, and I don't think any two of the six of us share a skin tone.

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I know summer happens here in Australia. But it's just the hotter part of the year. No one ever asks me 'what are you doing for the summer' because I'm still at work. But that is a question that happens in American TV all the time. Just want sure it was real life. Or did people ask you thay in Oz?

between school years, I'd get asked what I was doing over the holidays. not "do you have plans for the summer" but "are you doing anything for christmas?" (since that falls in the summer for us!).

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Do you think it's OK to pursue someone already on a relationship? So some people just need to know they have another option to encourage them to leave their current one?

I think there's nothing wrong with expressing interest in someone (in a context where your opinion is asked for/wanted), but you also need to respect whatever response they give you, even if that response is "sorry, I'm in a relationship."

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i was really surprised by your previous answer. why would you be unsure about dating someone your friends thought was unattractive again?

because I've been both the friend who's dating someone everyone else finds off-putting and the friend whose friend is dating someone everyone else finds off-putting, and in both cases there was a really good reason why that went beyond mere physical unattractiveness.

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