I'm in love with this one girl who wants me but doesn't want me enough to leave her boyfriend for me, but I've met another girl that's also kinda good. Just not as good as the first girl. I don't know what to do because my heart wants the first girl

Oooh damn um idk man u should maybe go with the girl thats not in a relationshio cause if shes willing to cheat on her boyfriend she has now she might just do the same to you later on sooo skrrrt 😂

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Her boyfriend cheated on her 3 times before she cheated on him with me. He makes her depressed and causes her a ton of problems. They fight just about every day and yet are still together

Hmm thats strange i mean if u really love her then go for it 😜

I currently can't talk to her because she doesn't want to lose him, but I know she misses me a lot...

Aww how sad :(