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I was fired from my job because I rarely talked with other coworkers and just did my job correctly. Why did they fire me of such a silly reason?

That is not a reason to fire you. You may want to contact the state employment office and find out if you have a grievance against your employer. You may be able to file a complaint for wrongful termination. I wish you good luck.

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I have OCD and tend to not be able to move on from and fixate on certain events which make people not want to associate themselves with me due to the baggage I come with. I’m seeing a therapist and a psychiatrist but they don’t really help me with making and maintaining friendships. Any advice?

Have you thought about an OCD support group? Do you have family or friends that can give you the support you need. I also have OCD flair ups. It happens when I am worried or experiencing stress. Maybe if you socialized with friends, it would help you reduce your episodes. Therapy has never helped me. I think it is a waste of time and money and doesn't solve the issue. It's not easy, but try self control. It seems to work for me. If you do have an episode, from certain events, try to find a distraction and don't focus on it. Take it a little at a time. Beiing with people who are supportive of you would be helpful.I hope this has helped you somewhat. I wish you good luck.

Are you fighting demons ?

Real or imagined? In a sense, yes. So you think men suck. I hope you don't think I do

If there was a person who you found attractive in a social setting or a classroom setting, would you have a hard time speaking up in front of them due to feeling anxious about not leaving a great impression?

Yes I would.

I have my ex husband a happy birthday shout-out as I was looking at the old pictures of us am I crazy or not

You are not crazy. It was a nice gesture.

If you had the chance to get back with someone you liked before but thought they might hate your for what you did to them, would you take a risk and go for them?

I would talk with them, about what I had done and tell them that I was remorseful for what I had done to them and ask for forgiveness, that is if she is willing to here what I have to say. All you can do is try, if you sincerely want to get back with her.


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