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in your opinion, what should a man be like?

It’s been a long time since I answered a question with anything more than sass, sarcasm, or assholery.
Many of you heard about the Vegas shooting over this last weekend. I had friends there. One of my friends lost her dad, another two also got shot. One was just shot in the arm and another was shot in the back. Both are doing better now.
First off, this disgusts me and my heart is broken. It’s times like these that truly shake you to your very core. How could someone be so cruel? So disgusting. It seems that there is more to this shooting and this man than the media is telling us, but all of that needs to be momentarily pushed aside-people need help right now, comfort, us coming together as a nation and unifying as a people.
Secondly, what is a man? Countless stories have come from Sunday night: of husbands, dads, boyfriends and random strangers wrapping their arms around women and taking shots for them. Protecting them. Triaging victims and using the shirts of their very backs to do what they could. Using their vehicles or in some cases, utilizing someone else’s vehicle to transport the injured to the hospital.
You want to know what a real man is? That’s a real man. Who puts aside his agenda, his pride, hit time, his political views, and lays himself and even his very life down for another. With no hope of seeing his name in lights or having any recognition-just the fact that he did what was right is enough.
Rest In Peace to those slaughtered at the hands of evil. Pray for those and their families. Do what you can to help whether it be monetary, giving blood, time. More than anything...we need to come together.

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Taking/ talking/ single/ crushing??

I think that first one is supposed to say *taken* which I am not. I am single and comfortable where I am because I can't stand how girls use guys. I know guys do it too and not all girls are the same, but I'm sick and tired of the same old same old shit. Like just be honest and straightforward bc that's how I am too.
So idk if that answers the question?
Anyway yes I'm single😂

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What would you do with your “15 minutes” of fame?

I get far too many messages like this one. I have 3 sisters and 6 nieces so this is really near and dear to my heart...and look, I am not saying guys aren't struggling with thoughts just like this, but the occurrence is more centralized and focused/seen in women (I've noticed at least).
It's tough because it's just not true.
Acne doesn't define you.
Your crush liking you doesn't make you more/less amazing.
The absence of life of those around you, doesn't make you any less valuable.
You see, each of you is so unique beyond your wildest hopes and dreams. But not just unique, beautiful. But not just beautiful, smart. But not just smart, intricately designed. But not just intricately designed, capable.
We are all born with these hopes and dreams and goals. And let me tell you, if anyone ever EVER tries to undermine you, DON'T LISTEN. Disregard them.
If everyone listened to everyone else who was ever told them no, we would have a dull world, where excellence is never achieved bc it is never sought and chased after.
You can be and do ANYTHING you want to. Outwork others, and you'll beat them all.
99% of the time, just because you're a girl or a guy doesn't mean you can't do this or means others are simply too scared to get there.
Do what others won't do you can have what others don't.
Hard times have come but they haven't come to stay, they have come to pass. That means they're finite-so they don't last forever.
FoLlOw YoUr WiLdEsT dReAmS☁️💫🌟

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