Ask @Jean_Kuah:

In your relationship, Intimacy, Passion & Commitment, which is more important and why?

Commitments. Commitments in my relationship is crucial. We try our best to understand each other, make time for each other. Since he is now in army, we have really really lesser time to communicate. So we try all
ways to make sure our communication still goes well. Honestly, it's not easy to commit fully in a relationship especially between friends. Intimacy wise, I have to say that, it bonds a couple better and it's inevitable.

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any website to start a blogshop? :)

For me I like tictail. Well it's lower cost as compared to shopify. Also, it's user friendly. But if course it has it bad points too. You have lots of choices - tictail, storenvy, shopify, wix, weebly, esty etc. Test out and see which you prefer. I moved from blogger to weebly to wix to tictail too :) x

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i'm thinking of doing ombre! HAHA is there any salons you'll reccommend? it's my first time dyeing so i'm not too sure where's good. thank you!

I did mine at some HDB at woodlands, the one bear the woodgrove. But nowadays, my bf does my hair. Also, since he enlisted, most probably I am gonna go to my mum stylist to touch up since bleaching requires more skills. Which is at JanTzen :)

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where would you reccomend someone to dye their hair? with good results and not too pricey. :-)

Depends on the color. If you don't require bleaching, honestly those HDB ones are great and affordable. I did my brown hair for only $80 for a butt length hair. It was a steal haha. But bleaching, I recommend to invest more. Unless you wanna get someone to help u to do it with gatsby kits :)

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omg why is your business so successful ... i tried to open an online shop but till now no order sigh ...

My business going down~ cause too many competition. It's too easy to her supply and it's too easy to find bloggers to reach people. It's just like I don't shop all the shops at bugis. It's just too spoilt for choices. Whatever it is! I WISH U THE BEST OK! ❤❤❤

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hey, what type and brand of foundation / powder do you use? I have oily skin and all foundations seems to melt after 3 do you make foundation stay on ur face? thanks a lot! <3

I have a super good trick if u are referring to eyeliner smudging napply loose powder below you eyes after liquid foundation. For eyeliner, use black eyeshadow to draw over. I promise, you will have good liner for the day ! Anyway, stay out of the hot sun k! I think there isn't a make up that doesn't melt. If it doesn't, it's gonna be heavy for your skin which ends up --- pimple!

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