Ask @jeangan18:

Hi, I was googling info about underbite and found your blog. I yet to consult any local dentist in Malaysia. Just want to ask you a quick question here, is extraction of teeth a must before wearing the braces?

Hi there! Thanks for reading my blog! With regards to your question, I didnt extract any tooth prior to putting on the braces except for the extraction of all 4 wisdom teeth, which was unrelated to the braces but had to be removed because they were decaying. Anyway, it's still best to consult your dentist as every individual case differs. Hope this helps!

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Hi there! Happen to stumble upon your blog. :) I'm currently having braces too and is getting my underbite fixed as well! Hehe, it's only my 2nd day though. The pain is tolerable except for chewing and brushing teeth! Just a curious question, does it still hurt when you brush your teeth now?

Hi dear! Thanks for reading my blog! Yes it still hurts, especially after the monthly tightening. But other than that, it causes some slight discomfort. Have you put on the rubber bands at the sides yet?

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