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Oh both I guess. I didn't know you live in both

I don't live in both but I have bestfriends in New York and here
New York: Breanna and Alexa
Here: Nyla, syd, Tiffani chase and radhames
And no it's not in order I love them all equally
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You moved...we didn't. So when you want to say your being forgotten remember that. Your the one who hasn't bothered with anyone from GC. Not even your closest friends. Pretty sad...don't ya think? Not even a call from you... So let your friends there think we forgot about you but the truth is u did

What are you even talking about? I text my best friends all the time. Obviously if I haven't texted or called you it's cause I didn't think you cared so much for my leaving so why would I text or call you? You don't even understand so go bother someone else. And tbh if I was able to I would be in GC every chance I got.
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Yea noooo lol, that would make it weird. But you can guess

Why would it make it weird? You're just admitting you miss me. Chances are I prob miss you tooo.

Anything back in gc?

Spending more time with my bestfriends. If I knew what I knew now I probably wouldn't of wasted my time on half the people I wasted my time on but it's whatever. I don't regret anythingb

What if you could go back in the future around 2 years, what would be some things you would make sure would be different?

One things for sure I wouldn't move to Pennsylvania

Hey you, you look great. Ive seen you smile many times before and i never noticed anything bad with ur teeth. Also ur quite skinny. People got to hop off your dick, seriously

Aww thank you soo much:)

Hahahaaaaa... She ain't got time for you right now. Hop off fatty.go eat

You obviously don't know me or Tiffani & I know for a fact he isn't talking to you cause she only has two guys number from parkland.....
Hop off my dick first faggot. You're the one on my ask remember that;)

When you get braces.... You will look better!

Nigggga damn.
I'll get braces when you tell me who you areeee?
Like how long you gon go with these shenanigans
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