In your opinion, is cheating a form of betrayal ?

Yes. I assume you are talking about cheating on a partner? If you are in an exclusive relationship (that is monogamous), then there is a certain understanding that you should be able to trust your partner to treat you with dignity (and for you to treat them the same). Cheating on them is a form of lying (unless you inform them that is what you are doing). If you do something behind their back that you know would hurt them if they found out, then you are using them (as a means to an end) and not treating them with respect and dignity. If your partner lied to you or cheated on you, wouldn’t you feel betrayed?

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In your opinion, is cheating a form of betrayal ?

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Yes, of course it is. It’s the worst kind of betrayal you’re supposed to love each other be faithful till death do us part whether it’s you or the guy you turn around and cheat on your partner that can’t be forgiven in my books that’s secret that shit happen to me with my first wife an hour later I was gone, did you hear that an hour later I was gone and never came back gave her two cars and a house and I was gone
Are u dumb u cheat u hurt the other person just like u betray them they will be hurt also so yes idiot n u just a cheater for asking this if anyone says no they a cheater also

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