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Is it too hard to ask for decent conversation here? Or is this world as decadent as I thought? You know, they used to teach math, chemistry, social studies, English, music, literature and so much more when I was a kid all the way through my high school/college graduation. Such a shame ppl dont ❤ it.

Urian Begay
I have only been on this app for a day -so far. Do people converse on here? So far I have just been answering questions I find interesting.

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Are you somehow a lesbian?

Somehow? That seems an odd question. Are you asking this to anyone in general? Or are you looking for a lesbian?
I do not consider myself a lesbian but I could go either way.

What does it mean when people say “ Don’t be so humble.” ? Are they being sarcastic?

Possibilities: they may think you are “humble bragging” where you pretend to be humble while actually showing off something. Or you are being sincerely humble and for some reason it may make someone uncomfortable (because they see a deficiency in themselves -if they are not humble). Or perhaps, you are being sincere, but the other person thinks you ought to be commended and deserve accolades (and by being too humble you may be downplaying something that ought be recognized as something worthy of praise).
Or, they are being sarcastic.

Do you currently live in the same place where you were born?

No. I have lived in several places around the world, but now I do live in the same country I was born in, but in a different state (a 2-day drive away).

Would you rather be fluent in all languages or be a master of every musical instrument?

Ooh, difficult choice! Right now I am leaning towards wanting to be master of all musical instruments. Although being a true polyglot (especially with all languages) is really tempting -especially if you include ancient written languages or even dead languages. Hmm, I’d have to really think about switching to languages if that was included.

Would u rather give up social media or alcohol 🥃?

Definitely Social Media, and I rarely drink (haha). No, to be serious it would depend on the Social media (and whether informative venues such as Medium -where you read articles written by people- would count as social media). I am not on much social media anyway, but I do enjoy reading informative and interesting articles.

Do you ever just put the TV on for "background" noise?

I used to. I used to have it on cartoons in the background (things I had seen over and over) -anything from SpongeBob to Family Guy or Rick and Morty. I don’t anymore, mostly because my recent hobby/passion (writing) requires silence for me to concentrate. Now I don’t even watch TV anymore.

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