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What does it mean when people say “ Don’t be so humble.” ? Are they being sarcastic?

Possibilities: they may think you are “humble bragging” where you pretend to be humble while actually showing off something. Or you are being sincerely humble and for some reason it may make someone uncomfortable (because they see a deficiency in themselves -if they are not humble). Or perhaps, you are being sincere, but the other person thinks you ought to be commended and deserve accolades (and by being too humble you may be downplaying something that ought be recognized as something worthy of praise).
Or, they are being sarcastic.
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If it was discovered that personality traits were partly genetic and could be removed with gene therapy, would it be ethical to edit out negative character traits that harm others like extreme aggression, compulsive lying, or cruelty?

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Personally I don’t think someone is bound to specific traits (and I am going to assume this is sort of a Science Fiction like thought experiment where we will assume 1. That personality traits are only genetic 2. That a person is bound to their traits).
If you are talking about editing out your own (based on your own free choice) then maybe not (assuming only one aspect of a trait can be eliminated). Again, assuming it was possible to somehow genetically edit something from an adult, and assuming the adult could consent to such a thing, it may not be wrong but I don’t think it would be a good idea.
If you are talking about editing traits of others (such as unborn or babies/children) then we are getting into highly sticky moral ground (that would require more thought than what I can provide here in this medium). It is a good ethical thought experiment though!

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Is privacy a right?

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Depends. Hard to answer without knowing the context. Are you a minor wanting privacy from your parents? Are you an employee wanting privacy from your boss snooping on your emails? Are you an average citizen wishing you had more privacy from all the corporations trying to track you for their own monetary gains? Are you wanting medical records kept private? All these would have slightly different answers.

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