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Is it too hard to ask for decent conversation here? Or is this world as decadent as I thought? You know, they used to teach math, chemistry, social studies, English, music, literature and so much more when I was a kid all the way through my high school/college graduation. Such a shame ppl dont ❤ it.

Urian Begay
I have only been on this app for a day -so far. Do people converse on here? So far I have just been answering questions I find interesting.

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Are you somehow a lesbian?

Somehow? That seems an odd question. Are you asking this to anyone in general? Or are you looking for a lesbian?
I do not consider myself a lesbian but I could go either way.

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Can you be in a relationship without sex??

I am in many relationships without sex. In fact, I am in only one relationship with sex. But I have many other very meaningful relationships with dear friends (of various genders).

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What does it mean when people say “ Don’t be so humble.” ? Are they being sarcastic?

Possibilities: they may think you are “humble bragging” where you pretend to be humble while actually showing off something. Or you are being sincerely humble and for some reason it may make someone uncomfortable (because they see a deficiency in themselves -if they are not humble). Or perhaps, you are being sincere, but the other person thinks you ought to be commended and deserve accolades (and by being too humble you may be downplaying something that ought be recognized as something worthy of praise).
Or, they are being sarcastic.
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Do you currently live in the same place where you were born?

No. I have lived in several places around the world, but now I do live in the same country I was born in, but in a different state (a 2-day drive away).

Would you rather be fluent in all languages or be a master of every musical instrument?

Ooh, difficult choice! Right now I am leaning towards wanting to be master of all musical instruments. Although being a true polyglot (especially with all languages) is really tempting -especially if you include ancient written languages or even dead languages. Hmm, I’d have to really think about switching to languages if that was included.

Would u rather give up social media or alcohol 🥃?

Definitely Social Media, and I rarely drink (haha). No, to be serious it would depend on the Social media (and whether informative venues such as Medium -where you read articles written by people- would count as social media). I am not on much social media anyway, but I do enjoy reading informative and interesting articles.

Do you ever just put the TV on for "background" noise?

I used to. I used to have it on cartoons in the background (things I had seen over and over) -anything from SpongeBob to Family Guy or Rick and Morty. I don’t anymore, mostly because my recent hobby/passion (writing) requires silence for me to concentrate. Now I don’t even watch TV anymore.

Have you ever had any kind of surgery? 🙀

princessxbunnii_’s Profile PhotoBb Bunni
Yes, anything from having tonsils removed to stitches (lots of stitches as a kid as I was so accident prone) to things like gall-bladder removal, cyst removal and the like. Nothing major (like brain or heart surgery). Most amount of stitches at any given time was 144.
Personally (and I may be weird here) I love the feeling of going under (anesthesia). Fighting to stay awake but unable to. Don’t know why.
If you are having surgery for the first time, it can be a bit scary. I hope the best outcome for you!

If it was discovered that personality traits were partly genetic and could be removed with gene therapy, would it be ethical to edit out negative character traits that harm others like extreme aggression, compulsive lying, or cruelty?

EloquentlySagacious’s Profile PhotoEloquentlySagacious
Personally I don’t think someone is bound to specific traits (and I am going to assume this is sort of a Science Fiction like thought experiment where we will assume 1. That personality traits are only genetic 2. That a person is bound to their traits).
If you are talking about editing out your own (based on your own free choice) then maybe not (assuming only one aspect of a trait can be eliminated). Again, assuming it was possible to somehow genetically edit something from an adult, and assuming the adult could consent to such a thing, it may not be wrong but I don’t think it would be a good idea.
If you are talking about editing traits of others (such as unborn or babies/children) then we are getting into highly sticky moral ground (that would require more thought than what I can provide here in this medium). It is a good ethical thought experiment though!

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Can you very strongly resent someone you love?

From time to time yes. There will be times that the person you love will do things you really don’t like. However, if the resentment is ongoing or over something serious (that you feel cannot be resolved) or if the person is unwilling to even address the issue, then perhaps going to therapy would be a good idea. Letting the feeling of strong resentment fester silently will not be good for the relationship in the long run.

How do you know when someone isn't good for you

Does this person make you feel bad about yourself? Do they treat you the way you treat them? Do they try to get you to do things you do not want to do? Do they make you uncomfortable? Do they try to isolate you from other people? If the answers to the above is “yes”, then they probably aren’t good for you.

In your opinion, is cheating a form of betrayal ?

Yes. I assume you are talking about cheating on a partner? If you are in an exclusive relationship (that is monogamous), then there is a certain understanding that you should be able to trust your partner to treat you with dignity (and for you to treat them the same). Cheating on them is a form of lying (unless you inform them that is what you are doing). If you do something behind their back that you know would hurt them if they found out, then you are using them (as a means to an end) and not treating them with respect and dignity. If your partner lied to you or cheated on you, wouldn’t you feel betrayed?

Is privacy a right?

EloquentlySagacious’s Profile PhotoEloquentlySagacious
Depends. Hard to answer without knowing the context. Are you a minor wanting privacy from your parents? Are you an employee wanting privacy from your boss snooping on your emails? Are you an average citizen wishing you had more privacy from all the corporations trying to track you for their own monetary gains? Are you wanting medical records kept private? All these would have slightly different answers.

Is love temporary???

Depends on what you mean by “love”. If you are talking about that state of mind when you first feel an intense attraction to someone then yes, that is temporary (caused by various chemicals/hormones -physical reactions in your physical body). If you are talking about a deeper desire for a strong emotional connection with someone (not just physical attraction) then it can be quite lasting. But that sort of thing takes work and commitment and an ability to put someone else’s needs above your own (and to have them put your needs above their own).

What do you think is your best quality? Can be physical,emotional,talents,anything

For me, it is probably emotional intelligence (and the ability to be empathetic). I can usually see several sides to various issues.


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