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Why do I constantly feel like my wife is hiding something?

What exactly is she doing to make you feel like this? I assume you are worried that she may be having an affair? It’s hard to say much about your circumstances without more information. Or are you just reaching out in hopes of finding a sympathetic ear?
Whatever is going on, I hope the issues are resolved. PS: Have you asked her why she is doing whatever suspicious activity is causing you to worry?

Do you still talk to any of your exes?

princessxbunnii_’s Profile PhotoBb Bunni
Yes, but I have had fairly mature relationships and have been able to maintain the friendship even if it turned out we were not compatible in other ways. I have also only had long relationships (7+ years). It may be different if I broke up with someone only after a few months, especially if we were not friends first (before any romance).

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should i tell my therapist or dad or someone that my mother sometimes hits me and my brother even if my brother begged me not to and it could go as far as jail or court for my mom? and my brother says she doesn't hit us enough for it to be considered abuse but i think she does

Hard to answer without knowing more details (such as your age and age of your brother). Also, does your mom lash out for no good reason? Does she do this as a punishment for breaking rules, or out of anger? Does she hit you with objects? Does she cause physical damage? How would she respond if you told her that you wished she wouldn’t hurt you or your brother physically? Although I do not think hitting your children is a good idea, there is probably a difference between child abuse and corporal punishment (at least in the eyes of the law). So being spanked for breaking a rule would be seen as different from being punched with a fist or hit with an object hard enough to cause bruising.
I assume you do not live with your father, but could you if necessary? If you think she is actually abusing you and your brother, I think you really should tell someone, especially if this is causing you physical or emotional distress.
I hope this answer helps you in your decision.

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