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There is an employer who might hire me . The possibilities are 50/50. But the thing is that he delays a lot to book me an interview. On the other hand I found another employer who wants to hire me immediately. The first employer is better . He would give me more money and more .... What is the best?

Email the first one and ask how soon you can start as you have another offer, that will hurry his ass if he’s really interested.

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😨 Ever had a feeling something bad was going to happen and you were right?

Yes! In fact I often have feelings of things happening and so far none have been wrong it’s so weird.

Physical feature that attracts you… for me eyes

Eyes is definitely one of them! But obviously with good eye contact.

Do you think people who are very introverted (Extreamly Conservative) are socialpaths 🤔?

That’s fucking stupid thinking.

which would be harder for you to give up coffee or alcohol ?

Alcohol because I don’t drink coffee

If someone said they were going to leave but kept trying to come back and then going again what would you do?

Relationship wise?
I’d cut them off and show them I’m not a game and will not be fooled around, you either stay because you want to or F off, just don’t be trying to almost threaten me with the leaving card because if it’s that easy for you to walk away then I don’t want you to stay.

If you show someone you love them do you even need to tell them?

Of course you need to tell them but personally I prefer someone to show me more than tell me. My current partner says it all the time and I always tell him I’d rather see it than hear it because anyone can use words but not everyone can prove.

accidentally double booked dates with 2 females on Saturday i like both of them. one has a good hyper personality i like and the other one is more chil and relaxed which I also like but I have ADHD so I like chilled people but I get board other one i like hyper people but not every day what do I do

I mean unless you’re all down for an open relationship or friends with benefits then you just need to knock it down to who do you actually like more in an intimate way? Who’s to say you’d get bored from the chill girl? Someone can be chilled and fun, just weight up your options and think it through

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