Ask @jennifer:

Do you like being ass-fucked?


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How old are you ?

R u a professional on giving a bj


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Do you like sex


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Brown eyed girls

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do you love your world ?


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hellooo!!! where are you from? i am fron spain

Scotland hi

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Do jou speaks french?

When was the last time you danced?

Last night

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i want to fuck u hard !

Are u the real Jennifer lopez?

do you have twitter? please follow me @ADBuenaflor, i do follow back thanks. ;)

Do u know a girl named Elizabeth

Yh she's a slut

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oyou like weeworld


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What is the most delicious berry?


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do u have facebook account

yes but I only give to people i no..

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What are you obsessed with?

asia n people

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good evening beautiful lady how is your day so far this is Cedric and I was wondering if u can give me the honor to converse with u so I am a loyal good man with no kids and drama free so would u give me a chance to prove myself to u

that is so cute OMG ARE U CEDRIC DIGGORY on wait he's dead, ok we can converse but i have a bf soz x

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if you could change one thing about your life, what would you change

well i wouldn't have a druggy brother who causes trouble lol but ive found thinking about the past and wishing i had certain things or did certain things is just dangerous to my mental health, so im happy with my life the way it is :)

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HEY XXX its cornbix spears

Hi wel.cum

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