That's so good to hear😊 My weekend was great. We celebrated my niece's birthday down at her great grandpa's house on Friday. He really liked being apart of it. Then today we went to the zoo. I posted some pics on my page

Oh how nice! I’ll swing by and check out the pictures.

Okay, what fun stuff did you do this weekend?😊

Well Zepp and I jumped on the trampoline for a few hours, watched a few episodes of SpongeBob (tbh, there are so many dirty things in SpongeBob that I hadn’t noticed before, and so I’m a little worried about having the kids watch SpongeBob if it has dirty adult jokes included), JJ, Arrow and I all made the Ackles Family signature cupcakes and cookies, took a couple of walks throughout the day (wearing masks of course). I took a nice long nap with JJ and Arrow yesterday and today we played with cars, trucks, unicorns and ponies in the living room. We also built a secret fort for the kids to play in. So we did a lot over the weekend. Did you do anything else over the weekend?

Yeah, Spongebob can be quite questionable at times, I don't blame you for being concerned a bit. Oh my gosh, that sounds fun. What kind of cupcakes did you guys make?

We made vanilla, chocolate and red velvet cupcakes.

Oh my gosh, that sounds so good😋 I bet they loved them😊

Yes, they certainly did love them! Did you see the question I asked you?

Do you have any copies saved of the video you uploaded? I uploaded mine from my FB and downloaded on my computer. Then, uploaded it on my YouTube channel. After, that I right clicked the link and shared it on here

Yeah I have it saved on my Amazon tablet. I’d like to upload the video on my tablet to YouTube. I already have the app.