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this girl named evie is a rp account she is awalys starts talking bad about me i have had enough of her she needs to stop buillying me

Erin boisse
Have you tried blocking her account? If you block an account, that person will no longer be able to send you anymore questions or hate messages. If she continues, report her account and will remove her account permanently.

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+4 answers in: “i have been getting a lot of hate on here from people and a lot of buillying to”

Wish we were ur the best big brother ever and I got the best sister in the world I been eating I put on wait I didn’t want to I hated how I looked still do but I will not stave myself to death again it was torture getting back to eating my stomach was so shrunk

Aww. Take good care of yourself and others, cupcake. There is nothing more important than family and love.

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+1 answer in: “It’s so crazy to think we would have looked so much alike”