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Did u undergo plastic surgery? You look very different from a few years ago!

Yes if you consider braces to be a type of 'plastic surgery'.

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Hi Jeraldine! What do you think about Amos Yee?

Good for him that he has found a new place to live and hope that he'd be happier there. Anyway I feel the entire issue is a storm in a teacup.

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will you contest as a candidate if given the chance today?

No. Not sure if it is a good idea for a young and single lady to run. Singaporeans seem to like the good mother and wife image.

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what is gerald giam like in person?

super smart, funny, interesting and sincere

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Hi Jeraldine! Should I do a double major just to look good on paper or focus on my main major to achieve a good GPA? Do employers look at double major?

I don't feel that many jobs care about double majors. Unless of course if you're planning to go into a super competitive field like management consulting or investment banking. Even then I think that having an amazing GPA > double major.

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Hi jeraldine, I'm always intrigued by your viewpoints towards relationships. At hand, I have a particular question to ask: what do you think about girls dumbing themselves down to fit a guy's level of intellect in a relationship?

When I was younger, I was guilty of this too. After a while, I decided to just be myself so that if someone likes me, it would be for who i am and not who they think I should be. :)

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Hi Jeraldine! I just completed my Os and am going to cj soon so i was wondering which subjects I should take!

Which subjects did you do well for during O levels? I made a switch from Science Stream to Arts Stream after my O levels so I could play to my strengths given that I did super well for my humanities subjects ;)

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Hello Jeraldine, i'm a final year student that is available for work in February. I have several interviews lined up and 2 of which are graduate programmes that would start in August. What would you advise if i have a project based offer (starting in feb, project is for October)? Thanks!!! xx

Wait for the graduate programs if you're not in urgent need for money. :)

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hi, I have a crush on some1 n my friends told him several times however he said he was not interested on the other hand he stares at me n is always so quiet around me usually he talks crap about ppl y not about me?.. does he probably like me back and he's just scared.. How can I try 2 make him like

I guess he doesn't like you back and is just worried he will offend you. I don't think love can be forced. What you can do is focus on building yourself and eventually you'd attract the right person :)

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Hi. So I like this girl online, but I don't know how to talk to her. I've sent her a few private messages but she never saw them. I'm also pretty shy. How can talk to her?

Hmmm maybe don't chase after her anymore and look for someone else? :) That is what I'd do if I were you.

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Hi! May i know how your mbrace treatment is progressing? Im going to go ahead with my treatment plan soon but i still have some worries. Did you have any tooth extractions prior to getting your aligners on? Thanks and hope to hear from you 😊

Kelly Tan

Nope I didn't. My dentist recommended trimming of teeth instead as it is less invasive. However, your case may be different as everyone teeth is aligned differently. Do check with your dentist. =D

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Hi Jeraldine, I have this hot and burning question is that what will you advice those people who are unhappy in their job and could not find any direction in life. Will you suggest them to leave or stay on to fight? Thanks

Well it really depends on the circumstances. Perhaps you can start by asking yourself - what is important to you? Is it wellbeing? Is it money? Is it autonomy? Is it advancement?

If you think that you can achieve your objectives by moving on to another role then by all means go ahead. It is a free market after all where workers can choose to take on a new role if it is better for them. Sometimes it is better to cut your losses than stay in a dead end job.

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What do you think of Ho Ching?

From her Facebook profile - Intellectually curious, diverse interests, loves animals and nature

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Hey jeraldine, i am a soon-to-be graduate. Could you give me advice on whether I should enter the private sector or the civil service? The civil service has a good training programme and they sponsor a lot of courses but I'm afraid it would be difficult to switch to the private sector later on.

Yes it is going to be hard to switch to private sector as you have to take a pay cut. Furthermore, if you are a non-scholar or not in the PSLP, you may be disadvantaged when it comes to promotion.

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What is your opinion on Han Hui Hui and Roy Ngerng?

Not in the position to comment as I only met them once and didn't follow their social media activities. =)

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How does an oxbridge/Ivy League compare to a local degree in finding jobs locally? Especially in the field of finance/ law. Also, how does a foreign degree compare to a local degree in general? (those from the UK, Aussie, US eng speaking world)

I think that it definitely helps to have a degree from oxbridge/Ivy League school especially in fields like management consulting, finance and law. However, I think that for other sectors, they might look at things like your previous work experience.

As for your second question, it really depends on the degree itself. If it is from a top tier university, then employers may look upon it more favourably. However, if it is from one of those schools with low requirements but accept students because they can pay fees, then the degree might be perceived by the employer to be of lower value than local universities.

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How to be more assertive? =) Background info: I might lose my job anytime because my team is very unhappy about my performance. I have been allowing customers to walk all over me (and my company). The irony is that the harder I try to please people, the more they bully me or accuse me of nastiness.

I am sorry to hear that. You have been trying to be a nice person and take into account people's feelings. However, you need to balance that with love and respect for yourself.

Assertiveness comes with confidence and accepting that in life you cannot please everyone and only you can fight for your own rights. You can check out this article -

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What is your new job? Does being a blogger affect your work?

Find out by googling "Jeraldine Phneah LinkedIn". Hahahah. Not really. Most people are mature enough not to drag sociopolitical opinions into business discussions i.e. "I don't want to work with Jeraldine because she is against death penalty but I am in full support of it"

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Hi Jeraldine! I would like to ask how to chose a major in uni. Where do you find specific info abt job prospects for certain courses and value of degree, things like that.. I'm not particularly interested in a course or job so I want to pursue a degree that would give me flexibility in career option

Hi! A college major matters much less than you think. Perhaps you might find this post useful:

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hi may i know if i should start looking for job now or go for grad trip first? thanks!

Go for a grad trip first! =) You have your whole life to work!

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Hi Jeraldine! I am a 3.3 GPA Biz graduate and would like to continue with studying in that! However my points aren't enough to get me through NTU/SMU/NUS. Would like your advice on: • What's your take on private and overseas unis? • Which unis in particular would be a viable option? Thank you!

Hello. I would think that if you can afford it, do try applying for the good USA and UK universities. I believe you stand a better chance with US universities as they tend to assess candidates in a holistic way rather than grades alone.

As for private local universities, many employers in the public and private sector do discriminate against these candidates. Even if they have a high GPA, employers will attribute this to the school being less competitive. However, if you have the right connections or adequate experience through internships and stellar grades, I think it should be enough to overcome that. Once you land the job, everyone starts on the same footing again.

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I like your blog and think that you're a really interesting person! You've inspired me to constantly improve myself and disconnect with toxicity :-) I would really like to learn more about your school life etc. Hope you can do a post about it! Thank you for reading my ask

Thank you so much. I am glad to know I have made a positive difference in your life. Which aspect of my school life do you want to know about? =)

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Were there times that you felt totally hopeless, demoralized, defeated etc.? What kept you fighting?

The reminder to myself that things will be great in the future and life isn't just about that sector which things weren't going well in. =)

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hi! do you recommend BCME as a subject combi? and do you recommend any JC prep i can do for h2 biology, chem, math and econs?

Choose a subject combination based on your strengths. For whatever subject you choose, make sure that you are much better than your peers in these subjects or learn it at a faster rate. A levels is too big a risk to choose subjects based on passion. If you are good in science, have strong quantitative skills and grasp these quickly, by all means choose BCME or PCME.

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I have not really decided on my passions or ambition in life, but simply went into a course that is practical and can earn big bucks, yes NTU Acc haha. I really look up to you for having so much conviction and drive. How did you 'hone' your abilities and decided on what you want out of life? :)

Thanks for your kind words :) :) I spent time reflecting about what type of life I wanted and what I was good at. I would say that what really drives my ambitions are my desire for power over my own life and in society. Freedom, autonomy and respect are things I really wanted and reaching my goals would help me access all of that

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