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I'd like to first say thank you for making the videos. I'm not completely on board with everything you have said, but you definitely have me asking questions. The biggest problem I have is that many people have measured the sun and it does not change in size. Wouldn't it?

That’s all I ask. Look into it. If you come to the conclusion that you live on a sphere after really looking in to it. Enjoy it. Won’t catch me telling you what to believe. Just make sure you know for yourself and don’t take everyone’s word for it.

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Not sure if my question went through so apologies if it is multiple. Why does the sun not change in size throughout the day? Thanks for all your hard work. Definitely appreciate what you do.

Because the sun is seen through your own atmospheric dome view. It is a magnified view and as it goes further away from you it is getting smaller but you are seeing it through more and more atmosphere. Watch the sun set and you will see it squish. Here is a page showing what happens to the moon because it is going off in the distance.

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Hi Jeran, hope you are all well. just read the thread on Pythagorean method! Do you know how he worked this out? Also could you send me a link to a good TIDE video. Many thanks. Cheers, Dave

How he worked this out? Pythagoras really isn’t the one who found it. It was in an Old Chinese book I forgot the name of. And as far as a good video about the tides I cannot think of one off hand but the fact that tides happen only on salt waters tells us it is an electromagnetic effect and is caused by the circling sun and moon above. But I will look for a good video!

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Thanks for the response. I'll check it out. I live in near SF. Wish I could've met you when you lived around Santa cruz. Would've loved to pass a J around with you and Missa while laughing at old NASA footage. Keep up the great work brother!

That does sound like good times. I know I talked to Michelle and a few other people who are north in Sacramento and I think we are going to be doing a get together in late April or May. Keep an eye on my channel as I’ll announce when there and would love to meet ya. (Ps. Bring that j):)

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+1 answer in: “Hey Jeran. I'm definitely not a globe believer but, I'd say I just don't know the exact shape of the earth. My question is, how do you explain the bottom of clouds being lit up at sunrise? I saw this morning the cloud bottoms being lit up and it made me wonder how if the sun projects from above.”

I have too few words to elaborate, so let me ask you in short, is this a coincidence? Using Pythagorean method, Falcon Heavy=49, Tesla Roadster=49, they played songs from David Bowie on repeat while it was in space, Space Oddity=49, David Bowie=49, Life On Mars=49, that was 49th falcon rocket launch

Geez. Didn’t know that and usually I’m not much of a numbers guy because I see people reaching a lot of the time but if you’re right about that... that’s simply too many to be a coincidence.

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What a shame. i wonder what made him delete his stuff. i have managed to find a couple of his videos mirrored by others but would like to see him back. Does he live in the states? All the best, Dave

Yeah he lives in Colorado. I’ll have bob call him. He hated the trolls and they came at him heavy on his account. He was def in my top 5 video creators.

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+1 answer in: “Hi Jeran, long time no hear. Hope you are well. Have you anyidea where Curious Life has gone? cheers”

When standing on the beach looking at a boat travel out "over" edge. If considering the fact that the Horizon is below you how can you go over something to below you so I started saying what if it was a ball then it would be under the edge. But then on a plane it would be into the edge?

That’s where they have to change the rules. In one sentence they say we are at the top of the ball. Then when they need to, they say there is this jump between you and something in the distance. It’s simply insane to believe in humps of water 💦

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In your last vedio you said that light traveling with different speeds in different media is breaking the second law of Thermodynamics, Can you explain a bit more?

Well. If the light is traveling at a certain speed, let’s say the speed of light. And then enters water, it slows down which is what they say refraction is. And then when it comes out it again travels at the speed of light. How? And I may not have the laws right but whatever one says that the transfer of heat is irreversible but clearly the speed is reversible. How did it gain speed from nothing. How can it go faster without anything to cause it? But I don’t believe light travels anyway. Go turn on the bedroom light. The light is traveling? At the speed of light? Nonsense.

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Earth from space must be real because it looks so fake. It's so simple now. Realistic equals fake. Unrealistic equals real. Everything we say is the opposite. Earth is a sphere you idiots. It does seem to coincide with the luciferian reversed thinking. Too easy for others to understand.

Can you think of a more ridiculous thing to say? There really is nothing that can be compared. I mean... you can tell she’s fat because she looks so thin? You can tell it’s sunny because it looks so overcast? You can tell it’s tall because it looks so short? That train must be fast because it looks so slow? That movie is good because it looks so bad? You can tell I’m rich because I have no money? Where does it end?

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Hey Jeran. I'm definitely not a globe believer but, I'd say I just don't know the exact shape of the earth. My question is, how do you explain the bottom of clouds being lit up at sunrise? I saw this morning the cloud bottoms being lit up and it made me wonder how if the sun projects from above.

Brian Irwin
It is a local phenomenon. Meaning at sunset when you might see clouds lit under earth and the are a pretty red, well if you were over standing underneath those clouds you wouldn’t see those reds. It is an effect that is hard to explain but it is like a reflection. Search rob Skiba and clouds being lit underneath. He shows an experiment that shows how it happens.

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