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That would be awesome and with the right budget too. We could be controlled opposition heroes. I can get to a lot of rocks and twigs around here, I'll discover new planets faster than NASA ever dreamed of.

Haha. I bet. They are smart though. They pace themselves. Geniuses at deception it's just their deception sucks.

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Notice how they say it's not round like a typical planet? Round - cylindrical making a circle. Sphere - natural, normal, or proper place; especially : social order or rank. I love wordplay and rabbit holes. Gonna be fun day!!

Joe South

They have definitely started to use the word round and dropped sphere. I noticed the same thing.

View more that is so convincing, I can't wait until they build that in the pool to study it up close.

Oh good lord. These guys just won't stop will they!

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Jeran I don't know how you do it but thanks for pumping out amazing content and for taking your time to answer qestoins on this you don't need to do that and it shows that you are 100% legit if u were just in flat earth to make a few bucks you wouldn't be doing things like these.

Thanks man. Appreciate that. Just in it for truth. But I've always loved researching and loved people so if I could ever make a living doing so, I'd be lucky as they get. But if I can't, I'll be doing what I'm doing on my every off moment anyway. Can't shake the truth! Peace

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They say gravity can hold water to the bottom of the earth but a insect isn't crushed b/c how small its mass is. if your in water and exhale you sink, but as you breathe in you are increasing your mass (from the air in ur lungs) but you also rise. this contradicts the explanation. this make sense?

Yup. Makes sense. You rise because you become more buoyant.

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The 1 apologetic excuse I never heard any believer make was claiming God in the OT was HIs 'infant, toddler & teen' years, which is why he was like a baby then a tyrant. Jesus would be the 30-33 year more mature flower powers years. But, shhh.. Don't give them any ideas.

Ha! That would be a pretty crazy belief.

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We do have some gorgeous planets. I have a great image of mountains and valleys from the planet sheetrock. You can tell water used to be there. I'm thinking about doing a facebook page dedicated to those that I take.

That would be epic. I would totally promote it. Maybe we can convince congress to give us 250 billion dollars to send a robot there. Then when people question if we are being honest and if that place even exists, people will fight on our behalf saying, "why would they lie about those planets, why?"

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Regarding to the questions to be asked to my contact in ESA You said: "if no scientist can do a 3 body problem. How do you fly the craft from earth to the meteor if already that's 3 bodies."

Yes, the craft, earth and the meteor. Plus at that size any passing meteor or planet at all. Plus the sun and moon and Mārs and...

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It is sad, but I've think I've figured out how to fake the planets like they do, so I should be worth at least several million a day. There's an image of "Jupiter" you've got to see, it looks like trees and leaves through a dirty fisheye lens

Dave Weiss had a week or so this year where the guy was hilarious. He would take an image of Bob's eyebrow. Or one of a fish. Or his floor, or countertop or car seat or cement. Zoom in really close, adjust some sharpness and shade the edges and dude, the planets of our universe were gorgeous!

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How can I reply to your question on this App?

When did I ask you a question? Just say, in regards to your question... what is the color of a zebra, the answer is black and white.

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There is no english version of book :( I will have to read it in spanish..

Okay. Would love to hear a few paragraphs you find compelling. I'm not sure the exact rules but if you think the book would be good I think you can make money if you translated it.

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I totally agree with that. I tried hard to find a live video or even a photo. I guess it's their official response, also love how the earth is so much smaller at night than in the day

Really sad isn't it. And we are crazy for questioning it. Sure we are.

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I have a few video files on San Bernardino and want to know the best way to send them to you? Thanks

Awesome. I have a ton too. If you can email the that would be great but sometimes they are too large and it might be easier to upload to or drop box and send me the link. Thx

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I did not understand the last part of your question Jeran

I have no idea who this is or what question you are referring to.

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Have you done any research on psychedelics (entheogens) or listened to Terence Mckenna? I heard The Morgile say "It's like a DMT Trip" on globebusters


I've looked into a little but not enough to say much. Im not a huge fan of altered states.

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Ni I haven't heard otherwise, but that video was a year ago, and hasn't been updated, It's very important to follow up, in my opinion.

Good point. I'll ask Bob. Him and Chris are buddies.

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Hello Jeran, I have a question. First I follow you because you question things, and when the answer doesn't fit, you go and ask some different one. I posted on a facebook group, or many of them, this question: On a flat plane, where gravity doesn't work as on the global model, What about tides?

Gravity doesn't work as in the moon is not falling to earth. When the sun and moon go around the earth they keep the back and forth motion of the tides. Have you ever rubbed your hair with a hairbrush and then go run the faucet and watch what happens when you move the hairbrush close to the stream it moves. Electro magnetically or static electricity can easily do what people think we need gravity to do.

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Did YouTube delete your video about using the bubble level app? I saw it on Facebook, but the link said it was gone. I already watched it prior though. Also, I saw Mark Sargent has a video posted with an actual level being used.

Look again. It should be back up. Globebusters and Rannick got Copyright strikes so I pulled it till we figured out what was happening. Then I put it back up. It should be up. I'll check

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NASA have said that Mars has less than 1% of the earth's atmosphere so given that we know rockets can't work in this virtual vacuum why do the Mars Rover scammers expect parachutes to aerobrake the rover down from speeds of over 20,000mph (?) for the Rover to have any chance of landing ? BULL SHITE!

Alfie Noakes

You said it. I have lost faith in humanity if anyone believes anything is driving on Mārs. Especially since Curiosity was supposed to last 18 months and it's now magically on year 5 or some horse shit. Who changes the oil? Who checks the fluids? Who cleans off the dust from the storms that would wedge between parts and in the cracks. And how can their not be life on Mars now. They put a vehicle there that came from earth. Im@sure Mārs has tons of life now. Idiots.

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Hey Jeran, I just found you a video from the ISS cupola at night. The only problem is, they're way beyond the 250 mile mark, look at that curve!

What the hell is that? Is that the sun? Why is it not lighting up the earth? Also, I mean a live video. As in (like we always see during the day) the astronaut floats to the window and shows us what they see. In post production they can do anything.

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I got authorization to speak to my contact in ESA. he works in the Rosetta mission. Is there any thing you would like me to ask him?

Sure. What channels do videos and images go through before they are seen? Do they have live video at all? Or is everything they deal with tones and data. Also, if no scientist can do a 3 body problem. How do you fly the craft from earth to the meteor if already that's 3 bodies.

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Ask people who say they believe the Bible to be true, how can they possibly believe the earth is a round ball spinning planet flying through space with the moon revolving around it as the earth revolves around the sun. According to the scriptures that's impossible!

Well, if you honestly are asking... the interpret the Bible in any possible way they want. That is how I know it cannot be the word of God. You can twist written word into anything you want. But you are right. How a "bible believing" Christian can think the earth moves at all is absolutely crazy to me. The book can be taken a lot of ways but to explain away the repeated references to fixed and immovable is truly a magical act.

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Hey buddy boy... No question at the moment... Just a little recognition. You're working hard and we notice it! Thanks for all you and Missa do. Thanks for putting yourself out there. Keep it up. I'm right here beside you. Talk to you soon.

Robert Olivan

Thanks a bunch. It's a tough road so we appreciate your kind words.

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I think it's important to research these lifetime actors true it would be close to impossible to prove it to your average person but I think it's good for trying to understand what these people are really about you know? it seems to be a kind of ritual when they turn 33

Yeah. I do think they do it. That's obvious.

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I don't but I will see if there's any english version.

Let me know.

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