Hi. LATAM airlines are to have scheduled non-stop flights from October '17 Melbourne to Santiago. Flight will last 15hrs. Will this cause a rethink in the layout of the FE as it is supposed to be further than 11,000km that the article states? Link is https://www.latam.com/en_au

Chris Hendle
I think a rethink is needed already as no one knows the true layout. But this flight certainly doesn’t seal it. Melbourne to Santiago is only slightly further than Sydney to Santiago. I’m guessing the flight to South America is 13.5 hours and back 15-16 hours. The plane can go 650 and the jet stream often is 200 mph in that area. So that is 850 mph net x 650 is close to 12,000 Miles so it can easily make the trip. When you find a cruise that goes Melbourne to South America then we will know something but of course no cruise takes that route because it would take 4-5 days longer than it should.

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