Hey Jeran, is it sheer coincidence that Bob's son is named Jeran or is there a story behind it? Have you known Bob for a long time? Watching the latest Globebusters with Lydia's interview and just curious!

No I just met Bob about 2 1/2 years ago. And if you mean met in person, we haven’t met in person yet. In a video I asked if anyone had a laser I could borrow. Bob emailed me because 1. He liked the work I was doing but also because my name is Jeran and his son is Jaren. So I guess the name has something to do with us meeting. So he purchased a 1 W laser for me and we sort of became friends and started talking for hours at a time and both our wives said people would enjoy what we were discussing. So around then I wanted to do a show so I could answer questions and asked Bob if he’d join me. He said yes and that was the first time we did a show. From then on we have been doing a show.

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