"Measuring from the surface of the water to a spot on the stick" - that's where I get confused. From which spot on water's surface? The one closer to theodolite, or the one closer to the other bank, or maybe from the middle of canal... Kinda, angles would vary on these three spots, wouldn't they?

Yeah I guess. But from what I have heard, if we line up the crosshairs with the surface of the water closest the stick and across from the theodolite, then set that as a base and then raise the theodolite until it hits the bottom of the stick, then we will mark that A’s the distance shown on the theodolite. Then the sticks will be pre-marked every six inches. The angles shouldn’t be an issue because the theodolite will be at the same height all the way along and we are only needing a measurement for 3 sticks. One at the start, middle and end. I think if we were trying to use the middle of the water or nearest the theodolite that certainly angles would come into play but not the way we are going to do it I wouldn’t think.

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