Thanks for the response. I'll check it out. I live in near SF. Wish I could've met you when you lived around Santa cruz. Would've loved to pass a J around with you and Missa while laughing at old NASA footage. Keep up the great work brother!

That does sound like good times. I know I talked to Michelle and a few other people who are north in Sacramento and I think we are going to be doing a get together in late April or May. Keep an eye on my channel as I’ll announce when there and would love to meet ya. (Ps. Bring that j):)

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+1 answer in: “Hey Jeran. I'm definitely not a globe believer but, I'd say I just don't know the exact shape of the earth. My question is, how do you explain the bottom of clouds being lit up at sunrise? I saw this morning the cloud bottoms being lit up and it made me wonder how if the sun projects from above.”