I'm still trying to figure out if gravity pulls water to the center, why do rivers flow? I'm watching the rain water draining and it seems like that's impossible on a globe. Theoretically, it should be pulled to the center of its landing point & ignore and curves or incline, correct?

Yeah. I don’t believe things are pulled to the center of anything. I’m still waiting for an example of this. Go drop a bunch of dust in the iss and watch what happens. Things will just go everywhere so when did the dust all decide to get together and become a planet? Never that’s when.

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I've been trying to find a practical example of it. No luck. I'm watching your video of Buzz Aldrin's greatest hits. Dude rambles so much, I don't know if he actually answers any questions. Can't stop laughing.

It’s a pretty funny video if I do say so myself.