In your last vedio you said that light traveling with different speeds in different media is breaking the second law of Thermodynamics, Can you explain a bit more?

Well. If the light is traveling at a certain speed, let’s say the speed of light. And then enters water, it slows down which is what they say refraction is. And then when it comes out it again travels at the speed of light. How? And I may not have the laws right but whatever one says that the transfer of heat is irreversible but clearly the speed is reversible. How did it gain speed from nothing. How can it go faster without anything to cause it? But I don’t believe light travels anyway. Go turn on the bedroom light. The light is traveling? At the speed of light? Nonsense.

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The second law is the one talking about Irreversibility, The way I understand it is when any form of energy change into heat energy it can't be changed back completely, But can we consider light to have kinetic energy that changed into heat energy , I don't know, I will look into it.

Let me know

But light has to be travelling at some speed, When you turn on lights, the light start from its source how can it reach the whole room if it's not moving , and it must be a very high speed that you can't catch with your eyes. a shadow forms you prevent light from travelling in a certain direction

I do think light travels from the source but not from a mountain say. They describe it as light traveling. For example if I am looking at a mountain, then the light is traveling from the mountain to my eye. I think light travels from the sun to the mountain but then it is illuminated and I see that. Not light traveling to me.

I see what you mean,it's hard to believe that an object absorbs some light and reflects the remaining light wave length so that we see it and we see a certain color But let's say we are in a very dark room any object you see is black even if you know it's yellow,by this I kinda see their explanation

Not really. If it’s a dark room nothing is illuminating the object so it appears black.

May be, I don't really know what to believe anymore. But thanks for answering my questions.

We are all searching together. Thanks for watching my videos. I do appreciate it.