Yes,I have a “undilivered mail returnedvto sender” email for al your @Globebusters emails,meaning you Bob and Jon. Email me if you want and thanks for answering my questions. Would love to explain my idea for the test.

We don’t have Globebusters emails. I said that. You have to email jeran or Jon or bob @ jeranism

Sorry,my bad. I meant @Jeranism emails. Just a typing mistake. I know what you mean,it just doesn’t work for me.

Bob fixed it today.

This is the Proofpoint Essentials Dispatch mail system. Proofpoint Essentials tried to deliver your email message, but was unable to do so for reasons outside our control. We recommend contacting the person or service responsible for looking after the recipient domain's email server directly.

Bob fixed it

Thank you so much for fixing the problem with the emails and for answering my many questions on here. Will try sending you an email with my idea for experiment. I will let you know if it works this time.

Ok thx