Wouldn’t the space shuttle upon re-entering Earth’s atmosphere encounter some drastic forces acting upon it? Entering from a non spinning plane of reference to a spinning one? It’s trajectory would instantly be deviated to a side? Am I wrong on this?

I totally agree but you know... it had very special tiles. Uh huh

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Jeran you’re a nice guy and I like your sense of humor. Thanks for taking the time to answer my questions. I hope you look into my email and let me know if you think my reasoning was correct and if it could be done. Let’s have a joint if you’re ever in Manchester.

Will do if I ever head across the pond. I might be able to see you from the east coast.

I know the tiles were “special”. What I thought was,the Earth is spinning to the right. So when the shuttle re-enters, it would also heat up more on the left side? Is it just me?

Yeah I don’t follow. The say the cum back head on so no excess would be on either side.

Don’t be silly,you couldn’t be able to see me,there’s a curve,remember?

Oh yeah. I was thinking earth was flat and I could see unlimited distances through atmosphere.