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Can you show me what map is used to explain Southern hemisphere flights like from South America to Australia or such and explain how the math works out for it? I get random numbers saying it would be like 7000 miles longer or even higher

That’s insane. Sydney to Santiago is about 7000 miles. They do that stretch in 11.5 hours. So that is 600 mph. But wait, there is a circumpolar jet stream that goes 200-250mph. So the plane is either going 400mph for some weird reason or 800 mph. But 800 mph for 11.5 hours is 9200 miles. Oh. So it’s 9200 miles. Even though it says 7000 mi? Wouldn’t there be other examples or clues that this discrepancy existed? Well go look for undersea cables between those two spots... they don’t exist because whoever ran the cables would discover OOPS WE ARE WAY SHORT ON WIRE! Go look for cruises between the two spots. OOOPS there are none! Okay well what would happen if someone went to this area where 2200 mystery miles are... what would gps say? Ask mh370. Get the point yet?

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Oh God this is classic. You people will believe anything. You really think you are seeing the curvature of earth? Wow. Think of a pane of glass. Now three. Now ten. Now 100. A’s you add lanes of glass, the things you see in the distance will appear to bend away from you because light refracts and you are seeing into a denser and denser medium. More and more atmosphere. So things will appear to bend down. So you can’t see that living on a ball is impossible. You’d rather see light bend and from that think that people are upside down from you. You silly duck.

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Why isn`t there a flat mars,what EXACTLY is the the buble thing the keeps us and space separated and there antartica is in the very edge of so called FLAT EARTH what happens when i crossed that do i just fall in a void or die for what ever reason or maybey "fake X and NASA" is guarding it so dont fa

Relax tiger. You seem a tad triggered. How would I know what happens? My assumption is it gets too cold as you get too far away from the sun. Some people think there is more land which would mean that it will start to warm up again the further you go. Possibly to a new sun. I don’t know. If you have questions, seek me out. If you don’t care if you are lied to... keep believing whatever you are told. Ask no questions.

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I'm still trying to figure out if gravity pulls water to the center, why do rivers flow? I'm watching the rain water draining and it seems like that's impossible on a globe. Theoretically, it should be pulled to the center of its landing point & ignore and curves or incline, correct?

Yeah. I don’t believe things are pulled to the center of anything. I’m still waiting for an example of this. Go drop a bunch of dust in the iss and watch what happens. Things will just go everywhere so when did the dust all decide to get together and become a planet? Never that’s when.

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hi jeran, do you have a video explaining the stars and how they appear different in different places on earth? Thanks

No I don’t. But it is fairly simple to understand. I will try and make a video soon to show this.

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+1 answer in: “Hi Jeran. Article from astrophysicist. Most things he says are meh, but what about point number 4?”

i hope to see a jeranism one day who starts talking to its viewers "us" as already accepting his truth and maybe your show can transmute from jeranism vs. the world to truth embracing truth's hidden side, an maybe start a go fund me page to raise moneys' for you to put your own thoughts to the test.

Thanks and great idea. That is the plan. We’ve given those who can’t see it enough of a chance to... if they can’t see it now- then they probably don’t want to. So I appreciate the advice. And as far as a go fund me, I instead went with a Patreon. It’s at It would be great if you’d become a member. Starting now really, I will no longer look at chat on youtube at all. Mostly a haven for filth. But when you signup at Patreon you will be given access to the jeranism discord server and I will only look at that during shows. I have decided to use telegram instead so the change will be happening soon.

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Hi Jeran, do you have any idea what places like pine gap, aus and goonhilly, uk do if there are no satellites?

Well there are satellites. They are just bounce devices that are attached to balloons or high altitude planes or craft that can use solar power to stay up in the air. I just don’t think any craft is falling around the curvature of earth since there is no curvature of earth.

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Hey Jeran. That forbes article is pretty good. The guy simply applys globe lies to flat earth. Yea there lies wont work on a flat earth. But if you throw that out an apply what we see in reality like a local small sun. Then yes it all works perfectly. he doest think for one second he is wrong

None of them do. They all think they couldn’t be lied to. There’s no way they can be fooled. Someone told me recently that he bet his children that we live on a ball. I was shocked. How could someone do that? Something they have never seen themselves! Crazy.

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Hey Jeran. So I was wondering if you know about north an south. If on a compass its north an I take magnets an north an north repel each other an south an north attract. Is north really south? an south is really north? Just wondering you thoughts. Congrats on the new place.

Thanks. Well yes, the North Pole would attract the south end of the magnet. So I guess you could say North is south but that’s just words really. Doesn’t mean a lot I don’t think. The north we can call the South Pole but people know the North as the Arctic and south As Antarctic.

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Hey dude...In case you missed it, see this link. Kind of supports what you were speculating about with planes and flying speeds

Thanks for finding this. What an awesome find. Appreciate you letting me know. This is exactly what I have been saying. And so these planes are clocking 800mph and they aren’t even in the polar stream which can be 250mph. That would put them up near 900mph. Now you have to ask yourself. Are the planes that go from Sydney to Santiago 6500 miles in 11.5 hours. Are they going 350 mph and with the 250 winds going 600 mph and doing 6900 miles in 11.5 hours. Or possibly going 600 plus the 250 so 850 mph over 11.5 hours possibly going 10,000 miles. Well, who knows. But a way we can determine if there is missing miles out there is to watch a cruise donthe same stretch. Oops. What do you know. Not one cruise goes from Auckland or Australia to South America. Hmmmmm

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