Ask @JesadBellic:

What do you like most about your friends?

There's no one thing I like about all my friends. Everyone lacks something.
For example, you might like your friends because they're all happy people, however I am a grumpy bastard all the time. =P
I think what I like the most about my friends is that they're all unique and quirky.
That and they all put up with my bullshit (for the most part).

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What was your childhood like?

It was a bit all over the place. Divorced parents, two homes. One parent that moved all the time. The other that was a bit of a control freak.
Went to three different primary schools so had to make new friends each year for the first few years, but things settled down after that.
High school was okay, even though I got picked on at an above average rate, I just plodded on.
Realising that I like boys was pretty confusing and I was too scared to come out to my mum and dad about it, so I packed up all my stuff and moved to Sydney.

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