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Tbh- your very sweet kind, and loud as fuck but it's all good and I believe you'd be reincarnated as a majestic unicorn that shirts out bits and pieces of toddlers 😂😂😂😂😂😂

Aidan_04’s Profile PhotoAidan Joly
Ok I agree with all of this except the last part bcus yes I am like a trumpet in volume but "shirts out pieces of toddlers" implies I ate them in the first place and I do NOT condone such activity but still God bless u and thx

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Tbh~ JESSICA DAVIS!! I literally love you more than I love myself and you are freaking hilarious like you make my day 10000% better in like 1 second because you say something totally random and you're so gorgeous and you have the most luscious hair and you just make me smile all the time idek how💕

HOLY HECKING CRAP I literally adore you & love you and all you do oh my GOD you are so beautiful and wonderful and perfect thank YOU!!!!!!!

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