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Best memory: man there's so many little ones that just happen randomly like in band class or at lunch when you just shout out random stuff like its so great and tbh I can't even choose one.. Literally every moment with you is an adventure 😂❤️

I honestly love you like holy💘

Tbh Jessica your my favourite person ever and I get really sad cause we barely talk or see each other anymore, your the funniest person ever and also my life goals and your sc stories are the best

ELKearney’s Profile PhotoErin Kearney
oh my goodness you absolute ANGEL thank you!!!! Also let's fricken hang together for the rest of our lives luv you
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All you eat is skittles the toddler parts are just shapes your shirts taste like the best fucking mellow in the worlddddd

Aidan_04’s Profile PhotoAidan Joly
sometimes I'm like "r u ok" but then I remember who u r (Aidan joly) and I stop worrying bcus ur personality is like a firework!!!!!
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Tbh- your very sweet kind, and loud as fuck but it's all good and I believe you'd be reincarnated as a majestic unicorn that shirts out bits and pieces of toddlers 😂😂😂😂😂😂

Aidan_04’s Profile PhotoAidan Joly
Ok I agree with all of this except the last part bcus yes I am like a trumpet in volume but "shirts out pieces of toddlers" implies I ate them in the first place and I do NOT condone such activity but still God bless u and thx
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Tbh~ JESSICA DAVIS!! I literally love you more than I love myself and you are freaking hilarious like you make my day 10000% better in like 1 second because you say something totally random and you're so gorgeous and you have the most luscious hair and you just make me smile all the time idek how💕

HOLY HECKING CRAP I literally adore you & love you and all you do oh my GOD you are so beautiful and wonderful and perfect thank YOU!!!!!!!

@lizzzavine asks, "Would you rather have crazy turbulence on a flight or only be able to eat through your nostrils?”

I would rather b on a plane during turbulence whilst trying to eat through my nostril, and then the plane hits a bump and the cracker goes into my brain and I die bcus this is silly
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