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It’s been one day.. and I already miss pickle one and two! My sweet babies cuddling with me, playing games, and getting out to find some fun. I mean I appreciate adult time and ladies lunch. But I admit it still miss them when they are at school. 8 hours is entirely to long to be away!! Moving to Paris they understand family time! #missmybabies #loveallmykids @rabe_logann #loganrabe @lexirabe #lexirabe at least I have more time with lizzy and Charlee!! @ellie.hemmingsen #elliehemmingsen #makiahofficial

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Got home at like 1am from Florida, yay home time to relax!! NOT I had 9 am open house to meet kudos teachers and sign paperwork fir school, then off for tacos and queso with Lexi to work on script due. Got film festival next four days plus two photo oops then I'm off to New York next week!

#I'llSleepWhenI'mDead #supermom #nosupertired #supercaffinated 🤪😂😻#loveit though!❤️

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