Ask @jessiemarley258598:

Hey guys.. I have something to tell you guy and I'm so excited.. let's play some games.. Do you guys wanna play games.. so let's play "SECRET IN A CUP or SECRET IN A HAT" anyway you guys want to call it..

"SECRET IN A CUP or SECRET IN A HAT" is a game based on anonymous or not anonymous secret message or secret confession or something secret that you want to tell.. it also can be funny little secret of yours.. if you wanna tell some stories it's fine too.. if you think that you want to reveals yourself that's fine put your name on.. let's have some fun..
Send secret anonymous or no anonymous with a dare game.. are you ready let's go..
please guys join and play this game.. I appreciate if you do join.. I need everyone to send a message in anonymous and no anonymous here so everyone can read it together.. make it fun.. make everyone happy, laugh, and smile when we read it.. you guys also can help each other if you like..

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How long have you lived in your current home?

Supposed to ask how long have you lived in your current area..
Story, first old house before is 15 and half years then I move to another second house for 2 years then I move again maybe I will said now this new house are one year and a half.. still living at the same area not too far from all the house I had been moved in and moved out.. hmm 😑

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