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Jealousy breeds envy. Hate makes the days late.

So you're admitting youre envious of me because you want andrew im assuming?

You're never going to be wearing a wedding dress

what is your problem honestly? why are you so bitter and jealous?

Yes although this wasn't today lol

nobody said it was? stop wasting both of our time, stop being a little homewrecker and go do something worth while with your life.

Well Andrew did mention the word "fuck"when I was flirting with him, but it was him saying how he'd wanna "fuck me", not fuck off. Sorry darling 😌

you mean the andrew thats with me rn? lmfao youre pathetic, we all know youre just saying this to get a reaction out of me

Andrew likes hotter girls that don't look like ghosts though

what? are you mad that you got rejected after your "flirting" wasnt appreciated?

Are u a good girl

honestly i hate you a lot, you literally just told me you wish id die so you could watch my parents cry and tell them you were glad I was dead, and now you're being a creep, fuck off. go do something else with your life.
Are u a good girl


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