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Ps. Jez, is your church still on the G12 System? Why or why not?

Hi. Thanks for asking about that :)
Yes, our church is still connected to the G12 Network in the PH. My father is part of Bishop Frank's Nat'l12, and we highly value and appreciate his leadership and influence in our ministry. While G12 is not "the" only system that works, we acknowledge that God has used the system of G12 over the past decade to strengthen our local church— we are grateful for it, and we intend to continue doing the ministry pattered after the G12 Vision.
Ultimately, we recognize that we are part of the greater Body of Christ, embracing the Great Commission set forth by our Lord Jesus. God bless!

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Paano po malalaman kung si Boy na talaga ang binigay ng Lord?

Hi. Thanks for this question. Hope you'd watch out for my blog's re-launch! I have many articles about this matter :)

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Ate Ano favorite shade mo ng lipstick? Hehe. Sorry kikay question. Hehe

From Inglot, my favorite is Lip Crayon #17. Even if I use other shades, I usually just layer them over #17. For Mac lipsticks, my favorites are nudes such as Half & half, Kinda sexy, and Velvet Teddy. I don't wear reds or dark shades since I have braces— hindi bagay :)

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Pag in a relationship na ba okay lang ba may crush pa rin na iba? Haha thanks ate

Haha! That's funny:) Well, if it's just a fondness or admiration (i.e., you just find someone cute or very talented), I think that it's okay.. as long as it is in no way affecting your relationship negatively and isn't affecting your loyalty, crushes are totally normal and fine even if you're in a relationship with someone :)

(In marriage though, hindi ko lang alam.. kasi parang mom ko lang talaga crush ng dad ko😊).

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Ate, favorite brand of lipstick? :)

Inglot's lip crayons are my faves right now :)

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@jezreelfaith Ptra Jez, Do you have a plan to work after your masteral?

After my college graduation, I immediately worked for our family-owned private school. But I've been on leave since 2014, because I've decided to focus on my pastoral work.. since, as you probably already know, if one is to be a pastor of a fruitful church/ministry, he must understand that it is waaaay beyond just preaching once a week. Running a growing ministry, it's a full-time work really :)

After my post-grad studies, do I intend to work somewhere else besides the church, you mean? My parents are still debating! Hehe! PlanA: My Daddy Pastor who is now 60 hopes I could continue to help administer JRC/JRev; PlanB: my Mom, whose age I cannot reveal😜, on the other hand, wants me to be trained in running the school. If I can do both, I would.

Now, those are good plans... but then again, let's not remove from the equation the possibility of marriage and the changes it could bring in the near future😜— PlanC! :)

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Alam namin na may school po kayong malaki, may church din na malaki, may personal ministry din even towards ibang ministries, tas campus ministry, tas youth ministry pa, tas nagdidisciple pa na personal, tapos nagaaral pa. ...Ang tanong: kamusta naman po LOVELIFE? Hihi :-P

That's a good question.
That area, like the rest, is fully yielded to God.

Anyway, many of my learnings and principles on that matter I'll get to share with you soon at LifeTalksandThoughts :)

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@jezreelfaith Hello Ptra Jez, how do you handle your time being a youth pastor and at the same time you are also studying?

Hello there. Being a youth pastor is too demanding — because under its umbrella are the campus min, leadership training of all youth cell leaders, raising up new leaders, intentional & personal discipleship of my 24 primary disciples, among others.
Now with Grad School being more demanding (I've finished my subjects already, and is working on my thesis), I handle my time by setting and remembering my PRIORITIES. And I do things according to it.
1. GOD
2. Ministry
3. Relationships
4. School
5. Work
6. Writing
7. Craft
So what I do is I let this ORDER direct my time. For instance on a free Saturday morning, if the first thing I want to do is to write articles, I would remember that I should first spend time in the presence of God bec that's #1. Or if I want to spend the whole afternoon working on my choice of craft, and I remember I need to still meet a disciple, and that I need to work on something for school, I will meet w the person first and then do my school task before giving time for the craft, bec those are higher priorities :) That's my simple secret! Set priorities, and live according to the order. Hope that helps :)

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Do you believe po ba na "Love is blind?"

I believe that love SEES.
So love is not just a feeling, but an informed and prayed-for decision. You don't say you think you are "in love" with someone only because of emotional experiences of euphoria, all along basing "love" on what you FEEL. Hindi ka dilat nun, kasi lumalakad lang sa emosyon (na pabago-bago).
Again, love sees (it's not all #feels!, guys&girls!) and it CHOOSES, decides to love despite what it sees and what it sometimes fail to feel.

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Ate Jez, Have you tried to drive without make up??

Half of the time! :)
Back at home I usually do so when I get my drive thru meals or when I eat breakfast somewhere. When in Baguio naman (my second home!), it's most of the time. But I wear sunscreen (always!) and a baseball cap (when I remember😄).

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Testing :) Totoo po bang anonymous? Hehehe

There's an option to ask either anonymously or named, if you are logged in. So go ahead, shoot your question :)

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Is love complicated? Bakeeet??

It's people who are often complicated. :)

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Ps. Jez, what if po the one you will marry in the future is not from your province?

I believe in the Biblical principles of LEAVING & CLEAVING as God's essentials for marriage. :)

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What do you think of online Christian dating services? Can we find the right person God wants for us through these?

Great question. Here's my personal opinion... Do I think God can use the internet to fulfill his plans? Yes, definitely. We cannot limit what God can do and how He can do things. What I believe is that we are to run our race in obedience and faith... and if God brings someone who is also running in the same path that begins to confirm God's direction for a mate, then take it from there. Am I against it or for it? I am neither.
But I personally would not do it / sign up for these online services.

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Ate, who's your crush? :)

Wow, slam book! :-D
Jericho Rosales, since high school😊 Chris Tomlin naman since college. Haha. Next question na :-P

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Ate Jez! Wala naman po akong tanong. Sobrang naaamaze lang po ako sa life niyo. I'm hoping that I could meet you soon. :))

Awww. Thank you. You have blessed my heart :)

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What do you like to do on a rainy day?

Enjoy a bowl of hot champorado with muchmuch miiiiiilk!😍

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Ate jez, pano po magandang gawin kung nakikipagfriend yung isang Christian guy sa isang Christian girl?

If you find nothing wrong and questionable about it, then offer your friendship too. Be friends. Yun na! :)
Lovely one, nakikipagkaibigan lang siya.. relax. Do your heart a favor— do not assume beyond what is. :)

Actually, I wrote a lengthier article about this, and I'm excited to share it soon at LifeTalksandThoughts :)

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How to cure overthinking? I feel so stucked in the same scenario everyday of my life.

Psychologists would tell you to keep yourself busy. Find something where you can pour your time, thoughts, and heart into.
Journal-ing your thoughts and feelings would also help you to quiet your mind. Because sometimes the things in your mind simply need to be heard.

Stop worrying and start trusting God.
"Don't worry about anything; instead, pray about everything. Tell God what you need, and thank him for all he has done."Philipians4:6
"Cast all your anxiety (worries, burdens, concerns) on him because HE CARES for you." 1 Peter 5:7 (one of my fave scriptures!)

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Ate jez, pwede pong magpost kayo ng blogs na nagmomotivate? You see, I have friend here and she needs inspiration and motivation. Of course, I am introducing the Lord to here pero she needs concrete thing para matibag yung walls sa heart niya. Salamat po! God bless.

Hello there! We're launching a website/blog soon called Life Talks & Thoughts. Will put up a category for "Encouragement". Hope that would indeed be a source of encouragement to you and your friend! :)

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Ate how would u handle if nasa right time naman na that a guy is courting you. kaya nga lang u feel na biglang he suddenly stops it without telling you anything. Pano handle pag ganun? Need ba ng closure if di naman naging kami?Thanks po

Hi. First I'd like to give you a thumbs-up for getting into a season of courtship at the right time👍 Now about your question, if he suddenly stops pursuing you without telling you anything, I do think that [at some point] you may have to get a clear closure on it...
That is because, in the first place, it was BOTH of you who have agreed to bring your relationship to the next level. There was a mutual agreement. And so if one or both of you prayerfully figures out that you shouldn't continue with it, I think it should also be the BOTH of you agreeing on it. On ending it, I also suggest a mutual agreement about it to show that you HONOR and RESPECT one another despite the circumstances. Otherwise one of you would just be left hanging —clueless, confused, feeling toyed, and hurt.

Who should initiate this?
Let's first clarify YOUR case: It was the man who called it off (okay maybe he didn't really dahil wala nga siyang sinabi, pero parang ganon na rin).
Medyo malabo noh? dahil pinursue ka niya tapos hindi pala siya sure and decided.. pero anyway, if he did change his mind and resolve in the midst of it (hindi naman bawal and possible naman; peroooo— another topic naman yan), I think he should at least have the decency to politely and respectfully initiate the ending of the courtship. Why? Because he was the one who initiated the courtship after all.

Now in your case, mukhang bigla lang nag-MIA si guy, so obviously at this point hindi siya nag-inititate ng closure. Then you probably are thinking— should you, the woman/ the one being pursued, initiate it? As in clarify the status of the rship? There is no rule about this ha, but if I you ask me, I'd simply wait for the man to gain enough courage and to man up to do it. But what if it never comes? Well, forgive and move forward :)

Should you treat it as if it's over kahit wala naman kayong napag-usapan? Give it time. Kung wala pa rin, girl, please do. And may I encourage you na whether the "closure" happens or not, please live a full life! :) Successful courtship pa rin, dahil you have clearly figured na he isn't the one :) You may sulk in confusion for a while, but het up and enjoy life! Live! Thrive! Trust that God has a plan and is always in control.
Hugs :)

PS, questions requiring lengthier answers like this one might simply be answered on the website/blog soon!

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What personality trait do you admire in other people?

When I was younger, I used to admire GREAT people. As I grew older, I began to admire GOOD and HUMBLE people more.

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If you were stranded on a tropical island what 2 things would you want with you?

A really good book and a pretty pair of sunnies 8-)

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If you could live forever, would you want to?

Oh, I will. Just not here :)

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What would be the title of your autobiography?

Passion and Impact

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