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You answered like a year and a half ago, but... What if one of those two couples was willing to listen again?

pretty sure one of the two has long since fucked off from my existence into oblivion.
I'm unsure. i am not close to either of them distance wise anymore. i somewhat treated my move to Austin as a new beginning. so even if they did want to listen to me qq about my idiocy, it probably would be a waste of time as it is. unless for some reason they'd want to like, play online games lol idk. though as it still stands, five and three years later respectively, i still don't feel i deserve any forgiveness. everything i think I've said I've said multiple times already lol and while i miss the old times dearly you just can't go back to normal after what shit transpired, i think. now, i think i'd just wish them the best in their futures. I'm a lost cause lmao
i really do wish them the best though.
personal relationships in any capacity really aren't my forte, are they? lol

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What are the sexiest and least sexiest euphemisms for both male and female genetalia

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I don't have a "sexiest" really, lol. generic terms used are fine. when I do my writing that doesn't exist I don't use adjectivey filled words for naughty bits. least sexy is inviting love tunnel/beef curtains, and anything referring to dick as a sort of wiener/sausage. lol

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