Ask @jirminish:

I'm going to tell you something,it might be hard to understand,it might even be a little cold. But I want you to know that it's coming from a place of concern and respect. You are overly obsessed with geeky,I honestly don't get it. I also think he's a good person and is giving you a chance.

I wish I could tell you but I wish was note he isn't given me any chances I told him not to. my relationship with geeka is stable as it ever been. and as for people saying stuff about me I don't bother with them. I care a lot about him because he's just n awesome and amazing person if u wish to test us go ahead

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How old are you like 25 or 26? And you respond to questions with "ok" "whatever" "fine" "too much work" trying to be funny or whatever your intentions are,but it just comes across immature. Those responses alone speak volumes. You have a lot of growing up to do.

well duh I'm very immature for my age which is fine in my book the law says nothing about acting mature and I only said said that stuff because it's late here like 9:00pm and I'm pretty sure you're either on my friend list or geeka's but still you'll have to ask him or my older brother about this or anyone I know

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