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Burps or farts?

I generally prefer burps. I find them slightly less disgusting and it's certainly something that is a bit more easy to control. Also, farts tend to smell more for me than burps and they generally are more frowned upon as well.

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I kinda want to be a wwll tank historian but my gf dad is part German how do I get around this ? Ps love you work on the Osu paper

This is late and outdated but lemme write something up here.
First thing is a few questions: How long have you been in a relationship with her? Do you know if this will offend him in any way?
Second, keep the dream alive for a while. If you want to get around it for now just make your position vague around him for the time being. For example if I was a video game developer but I was talking to someone who hated video games I would either say I'm a programmer or a software developer/engineer.
Third thanks for the compliment! I wish I was on it again but I've been way too busy with personal projects to go on osu!. I do check every once in a while.

Did you play the Pokemons?

Yes! I got into Pokemon around 2010/2011. I even recently got Pokemon as well though I don't play it as much as I should. I take an emotional attachment to the majority of Pokemon I train and raise for no good reason. I name all my Pokemon and usually forget their official names, like how I know my main Pokemon from SoulSiver as Firesta.
That being said I don't play the game competitively and I don't try to reach 100% completion, it's just one of those games I try to have tons of fun in and nothing else.
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# yolo what does it mean to you

It's a phrase I never use. I know it means "you only live once" but I just didn't go into that phase of using it all the time. I'm sure people have their reasons for using it but for me I think I can make a reason on why to do things.
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What's your opinion on today's society?

Overall, our society is progressing like any other society. I'm not going to spend time spewing politics but so far things are slowly progressing. Whether it is equal rights to our use of tech, we are moving forward as a society. You could argue that the rate is too slow and you could also argue about the atrocities that still plague the world as of today but...we're progressing.
I can't really spew more than that. I'm extremely happy that as a society we're moving forward though.
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When is the last time you told somone you love them?

I think I told Faithy this last night, actually. It's weird this question made me realize I haven't said it enough to my parents. I should go and thank them for everything at some point.

How's your eyesight?

20/20. Never needed glasses or contacts.
That being said my eyes seem very strong in terms of looking at anything 3D related. For example, I can play my 3DS for hours without eyestrain but there are those who have difficulty looking at it for several seconds. I love my eyes and I would never trade them for the world. Well except for the Mantis Shrimp. It has 16 color receptive cones, for us all we have are 3 (red, green, and blue). Think about that for a second. They can see colors that we will never be able to process. That is pretty cool if you ask me.

Your opinion on feminism?

I shouldn't write an answer to this at 1:30 AM but HERE IT GOES.
Feminism in itself isn't bad at all. This world is sexist and it sucks, women are put down from the very beginning and it is something that is changing slower that it should. If there is a way I could change that so we could be put onto equal pedestals then I would be extremely happy. Now there are moments when I have felt alienated by the feminist movement. There is a wonderful webcomic called Sinfest. For the last year or so they have been talking about the movement like no other. The only problem is that it starts to stereotype guys to extremely shallow characters who only want "the pussy". The problem is that it reverses the problem and as a result just makes it worse. You have to be the better man, stand for yourself but don't do what they did unto you.
A good example is a small fight that happened in Anime club earlier this year. We were talking about this anime that was fan service to girls showing extremely beautiful men in swim gear. The guy said "Hey now we're getting close to equality" while the female disagreed. Fan service for women should not make the fan service for men okay. Fan service itself should be eliminated so people don't have to stare at one body all the time. Japan doesn't pull this off at all. Examples include, Naruto, Metroid: Other M, Sword Art Online, among many many others. Each one made it seem like the girl was NOTHING without a big strong guy to help her our. It pains me, utterly pains me to see this type of thing continuing. Heck this doesn't even cover all the boob action you see to get all the guys interested.
Feminists want equality and that is not a bad thing in the least and I'm right there with them. The majority of them go about it in a great way with protests and facts and demonstrations and more power to them. I wish for a world of equality just as much as the next person and I hope it can come as soon as possible. Even with the "extreme" feminism, they still have the right goal in mind and even if their methods do alienate me at least they're trying. Hopefully things will get even more equal as time goes by because girls are pretty darn awesome.

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Whats you opinion on employers that are looking threw there employs social media accounts to judge them if there right for the job ? ps big fan of your work with osu! news paper i hope you get a job at the new york times

First, I'm glad I have a fan for all the osu! stuff. I appreciate it <3
Second while personal and private lives should be completely separate, one thing that people CONSTANTLY forget is that the internet is a public place. For example, if I was an employer who decided to look at a 19 year olds facebook to see what they had been up to, I wouldn't try to look for anything horrible. However if you do have a picture publically available of you drinking underage, it makes me disappointed to see that you could allow this to be publically available on the internet.
That being said, that's as far as it should go, it shouldn't matter that I'm an avid gamer, that I enjoy MLP, or any of that other stuff. I would understand if an employ says "He smokes weed and left pictures on facebook, let's not hire him" compared to "He posted a status about a game, let's not hire him". Your goal is to judge their professional side, what I do with my friends and what I do at work can be entirely different but if you are clumsy enough to leave criminalizing photos of you on the internet that's your own fault.
This is a very grey area. in some cases I understand why they look at public information. You want to know who you're dealing with and how they react in some situations. The minute it starts to become irrelevant though, that's when you hit an area I dislike. You are a boss, not a potential friend, facebook stalking isn't the best way to go about being a boss.

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Hi JJ ;)

Sup Mary o/ It's been a while.
Make sure the next few questions are in the form of a question so I can properly answer it. I leave conversations solely for Hangouts, Skype, Facebook, SMS, and others. I know this sounds like a pain but it's so that way I have something to do and people can find out something they want to know about me. Thanks <3

do you like grape juice kfc white girls and watermelons

Grape Juice: Do you mean Grape DRANK?
KFC: No, actually I think there is way too much grease.
White girls: I prefer asian.
Watermelon: Yes. Though I don't know why this HAS to be associated with a black stereotype. I would think a ton of people like watermelon.

How are you doing lately?

It's been hectic that's for sure. I've been more tired, stressed, annoyed, and many emotions other than one I truly care about: happy. Now that isn't to say I haven't smiled from time to time and have enjoyed myself but the other emotions have clearly prevailed for the majority of the summer. I know this isn't shaping up to be the "I'm fine" answer you were expecting/wanted but it is the truth.
It has been dubbed the "Summer of exes" for a bit as I had to talk to and/or deal with all of my exes this summer and 2 of the 3 have hurt me more this summer than I would hope for. While work has been fantastic it has refrained me from doing a lot of personal projects. Finally a friend approached me about starting a company up together. I told him I would love to and it has been the biggest pile of stress ever since.
I don't want this to be a "feel bad for me" moment because each moment that I've had has, overall, made me a better person. It will help me make some better decisions. I actually had some really good times this summer and learned a ton. Do I have some regrets? Obviously. Though this summer has really showed me a lot and has paved a lot of great things for the future.

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I love ducks. They can be evil though. Would I take one as a pet? No. Would I admire them from a distance? Totally.

Have you seen EQG? If so, what'd you think? If not, why not?

I have not seen Equestria Girls (EQG). When they first announced it I was hesitant to say the least. There were a lot of problems that I had with the movie and some have been echoed by others.
Twilight Sparkle is more akin to a woman getting her PHD than a girl in highschool. She is taking personal lessons from Celestia doing an intense amount of research on magic. In fact the Mane 6 seem to be in their 20's. They all are out of education (minus Twilight), they all are either the main provider of the family or have left them, and they all have jobs. To take them back to 14-18 means that they must have accomplished this at a strange age.
Second, it was a movie release. I rarely go to the movies as it is and for a movie I already wasn't really in the mood for it is hard to justify the reason to see it. The $10-$12 asking price from the movie to watch it is hard to swallow. I also rarely go to the movies by myself, it feels odd to not talk to someone about the movie. While this is a personal roadblock it still is kind of a major one. I have 2 brony friends in real life and one of them was in Costa Rica for the time so I couldn't go with them.
In short I don't think I would buy it. I would see it on Netflix though. The movie doesn't really seem amazing and the only real curious thing that it has going is how they create a humanized pony world. Other than that I don't really feel the need to watch it in theaters. I'm sure I will if there is an easy way to do so but until that moment I don't want to watch it.

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Did you enjoy highschool?

I loved it. I loved everything about it. I found my calling for Computer Science, made some great friends, loved my teachers, pushed myself. It was great. I think high school is really about finding yourself. That's the time where you got to decide how you want to continue moving forward. If you pull it off well, you could do really well in the future. For me I only had one regret which is another story for another time. Do everything you want to and enjoy yourself, you'll love it.

What is one song that defines your generation

Oh man this is a tough one mostly because I feel that our generation is different. We're the first ones to really be engrossed into the Internet so I feel like some song there will do that. We're connected and we have a ton of potential we're facing problems and situations that were unthinkable years ago. I think there is a lot that we can do and there is a lot to hope for. As a tech savvy generation rises trying to sum it up into one song is hard. Especially for a guy who's music library is video game music.


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