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I was so excited for you to come visit me. You talked about it for so long. Literally days before we had plans you lost feelings. Why not just say no I’m not into you and don’t want to visit. I don’t care anymore. But don’t lead pple on like that. I feel so sorry for your so or next so.

Or you was in my cousin's DMs and didn't think he would tell me 😂

When you starting your new show? The ppl are waiting! That Code Red thing was beneath you and you carried it.

Let's not bad mouth the less fortunate. However, I put a pause on "King's Cup" for now. I need to fix me and finalize my direction before investing energy into anything else. That is why I been almost silent on social media these days.

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I thought you were my life😥

You probably did something to push me away or fed into outside nonsense that was toxic.

What gossip about yourself has made you laugh?

What hasn't? The funniest was that I was an illegal immigrant 😂

How do you deal with depression?

Loaded question -- Easy answer is change your surroundings, watch triggers, seek professional help, don't overthink, and don't feed into the unnecessary, let people project to themselves.

How do u hate drake but you look just like him???

So all lighter skinned Black men looked the same? 🤨

If the Spurs sell their team to Seattle who will you cheer for..

Sadly, probably the Rockets 😑

Why did u block all of us??

Who is us? If I think "us" is who I think it is.... y'all know why. I am blocking you on here too!

Some of your following can be misleading if you know what I mean, how do u feel about that?

Networking, career moves, money, etc. will never have a preference or specific niche. If someone supports me, I support them.

Maybe when I finally let it go. You’ll see that we could have made it work.

Nah, if I backed away it is likely someone you did to make me feel you weren't fully behind me.

When are you starting the new show?? What is the name??

I need to work on me first, there is no real rush (or competition at that). I do have a name and topics and guest prepared. I can release the name, it is called 'King Cup'.

I just wanted to say I noticed how much you have changed and you have no idea how much people really respect and look up to you!

Thank you!

Will you ever date a Black woman? Why didn't you give me or my homegirl a chance???

I am not addressing this again.
I prefer submissive women - take that as you may.

How come you never reply to my DMs???

I have my messages muted on all platforms. I check them when I get a chance. If you have a personal bond with me, you know how to get in touch with me. That or I am just not interested.


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