Ask @jmjess24:

Which is more important to you: someone who has a similar sense of humor, or someone who has similar interests?

Definitely someone who has similar interests, quality time is first in my love language.
Sense of humor is interesting. let me see if I can explain it. I don't find funny the humor I use to make others laugh. I love making others laugh and I have a way of doing it. But if someone tried that technique on me I would not find it funny. Does that make sense? What makes me laugh, I probably can't do it to the other person. So why would my SO have the same humor as me. IDK
I guess I think like this,,,I see something and I think OMG this reminds me of so and so Ima send it to them. Instead of OMG I find this so funny I have to send it to so and so,,,unless they are like me KEK
But I don't want to be with someone that is like me

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Where do you see yourself five years from now?

I wonder if I've answered this before because the answer I was thinking up felt familiar. But I will answer anyway and maybe elaborate because it's a good exercise.
Lets see, in 5 years I will be 33 years old. There's someone I love and I hope to be with that person before then. That's really all i got down for that route because I see so many possibilities for us. We can literally do anything. We can serve in another country, we can pioneer together, do SKE . We can do foreign language. We can do all of the above. We can do LDC. We can travel the world.
That's what I want to think about. That's what I wanna see

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Last person to make you happy?

hmm First thing that came to mind was laughter, because boy do i love to laugh and it's a select few that can really get me going. Then I thought about my subconscious which is a source of happiness for me that I want to hit over and over again. Even though I did laugh really hard today with my friend, I think the last person to make me happy was Miguel

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Can some person change your life?

oh most definitely , some people can come into your life and just turn your whole world upside down. Or they can be the one to turn it right side up. Even though technically we are the ones that give the other person that power, people are very influential and can cause a change whether we want it or not

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