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What's more valuable, brains or beauty?

hmm a little bit of both. You know, having a hot girlfriend/wife who is also smart is like a plus in life

When is the world going to end?

THE WORLD ENDS WHEN I WANT IT TO END!!! Nah jk. Idk. I guess when humans finally destroy the ozone layer completely and realize they're screwed. Good thing I probably won't be alive for that though! ✌

No one is stupid just unmindful, and I guess you were, but it's ok because you're human and mistakes are a part of life whether we want them or not

true. but then again a lot of mistakes can be avoided

Why? Just tell me I don't judge.

cause it was just an idiotic thing. let's just say I took advantage of something and I didn't take care of it

If you could enlarge any part of your body, what would it be?

my legs. I would like to be taller ._.

Douche -.- yeah Osbert's party sucked so bad that's why it wasn't considered a party?

ohhhhhh yea!! xD I forgot about that lol. sorry osbert (That's assuming it's you) how could I forget about project O? D:

These bitches are jealous of your best friends, it's obvious

let them be jealous. Shit, i would be jealous also. my best friends are awesome! :D

Do you think you can trust your "bestfriends"?

of course! I mean they're my best friemds for a reason.

have you ever liked a girl in your grade?? who??

not recently that I can remember but I know I have had crushes on girls in my grade in the past. and I rather not say who. sorry


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