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Hello Jones!!! This isn't a question but your look is so powerful!!! You're an inspiration!! I aspire to your levels of gorgeousness and self confidence!!! Okay bye!!!


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Hi! Were you the person who did the art for Jane Crocker on Namco High? I ask because I'm creating a 3D model and I used the drawings as a reference, and I'd like to know who to properly credit. Thanks for your time!


That was me!

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I'M ASHAMED IT TOOK ME SO LONG [i know u thru tf lol] but I just started reading Helvetica and I? love it??

THANK U!!! u r welcome to tell me ur ships 😈

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Hey hi, um so this about a drawing I saw you do of First Aid! I am pondering cosplaying said drawing would that be ok??? I already wear my hair in a similar style and I'm looking into studying medicine and well,,,idk I'm a nerd and love your art and stuff. Is it okay for me to cosplay that design?

I would totally love that!! Please do! Show me pictures if you end up doing it!

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Is it ok to submit fanart to your tumblr ;v;(it's not exactly... fanart, I was more inspired by Helvetica and drew a thing...)

Rebecca Jarl

My tumblr/blog is primarily for my own artwork, but I'd love to see any work others post to their own blogs!

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I was just wondering how everything is going, Helvetica has been quiet since January, so I was just checking in, seeing if you're okay :)

I am fine and Helvetica is fine! I will be making an announcement about the next updates this weekend. Stay tuned! Also, if you're ever curious about how things are going on my end I really recommend peeping my twitter (@jnwiedle) because that's where I'm most active and where I keep people updated on what is up.

Thank you!

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Do you have any tips for drawing skeleton characters? I have a really hard time when it comes to their upper torso and their hands.

Have you tried doing some studies of actual skeletons? Before I tried stylizing a skeleton, I drew lots of studies of real skeletons, and having that understanding helped me simplify it a lot... My suggestion is to not get caught up in any details, if you want something to look attractive, less is more; imply the suggestion of a feature in a design, and the human brain will do the rest of the work.

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Do you have any plans to kill off any characters in Helvetica? My friend keeps making predictions and it's making me so worried!!

Are Good Heavens and Helvetica at the high end of name complexity for a skeleton, or are there more complicated ones? What's the upper limit? Is there a skeleton running around out there named Abominable Illumination Front-Loader Supreme XL?

There are all kinds of names! But usually instead of a random string of words, it's something that has some kind of greater context, whatever that may be.

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Is saying their name always the first thing a skeleton does when they arrive? Are there any that took hours to speak their first words?

Yes! It's like a sneeze they can't control.

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Who is your OTP?

i have too many to count, my sweet summer child...

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Does it bother you if I make a little story about a Helvetica OC's that I created? (Knowing that I have to take some of your characters for the story) And if I do, would you like to take a looksy? =)

that sounds wonderful, please have fun! and yes, i'd love to see! :)

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Are there any random facts about Autumn you'd be willing to share? She's my favourite character!

Yay!! I love Autumn too :) Autumn is a literary studies major at Farwolaeth University, she's in her second year. She writes fanfiction in her free time, under two different monikers that are totally separate from each other. One she uses for all her genfic about the anime/books she's into, and the other is a secret account for fic of a more.... SPICY flavor.

Autumn has a roommate named Holiday, and she's way cooler than Autumn in every way, but they get along really well despite being very different from each other. Autumn's pretty aggressive, right? Holiday is like the scariest woman you'll ever meet. Or one of them, anyway.

Autumn loves drama, and she will stir shit just to sit back and enjoy the ride.

I don't know what kind of anime exists in the afterlife really so I'll just use real life examples of the kind of stuff she'd like: Nana, Hunter x Hunter, Free!, Utena, One Piece, Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun, Ouran Host Club, Berserk... she has a wide variety of tastes, but mostly likes drama.

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After seeing your most recent tweet are you a professional colorist or do you just take art jobs as they come and go? Just curious, sorry if that's like private information or something !

This is my first colorist job! I'm not solely a colorist, I've done covers, interiors, lettering, all kinds of stuff. I guess I'm kind of a jack of all trades haha ^^

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Are you entirely self taught or did art school help shape up the style you have today? I've been struggling with my human style and I'm really desperate for ways to get better with it.

I went to art school, which! Isn't for everyone. However, I personally greatly benefited from the rigorous schedule and foundation courses I was taught, as well as the opportunities and various methods I was given to experiment with. I am pretty self-disciplined, but if it weren't for art school, I would have developed much more slowly as an artist, and I wouldn't be nearly as good with color and shape as I believe myself to be.

If art school isn't for you, the only thing I can suggest is to practice, practice, practice. You may or may not hate what you draw, but unfortunately the only way to get better is to really put your nose to the grindstone when it comes to studying. If you can, take life drawing classes- when I was in high school, I signed up for them with the closest museum, which was an hour away from my home town, but I made it work. Life drawing will exponentially improve your ability to draw people. Go outside and observe people day to day and do gesture drawings of people at cafes, malls, wherever people gather. Buy anatomy books: I recommend Anatomy for the Artist by Sarah Simblet; I guarantee most artists have a copy of this book on them lol. Study Andrew Loomis' studies. As you improve with drawing realistic humans, you will gain a better understanding of the human body and can naturally develop ways to exaggerate the human form. Studying how other cartoonists and illustrators exaggerate the human form, and trying to distinguish which cartoonists and illustrators influenced THEIR work will strengthen your understanding of visual design.

Ummm I think that's the most I can think of now, lol... Hope it helps!

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Hi! I really love your art and Helvetica! I was wondering, do you tutor or mentor young artists?Thank you!

Hi, thank you so much! I'm *extremely* flattered that anyone would consider me as a tutor or mentor, and I'd love to offer that kind of assistance, but I'm not sure I have the time to dedicate myself to something like that right now. However, I'm always happy to offer as much help as I can to anyone looking for a little guidance or some tips...? Haha I'm not a genius or anything but I like to help.

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The white shines that you add to the character's eyes sometimes; is that just to add depth, or are they like pupils showing direction where the characters are looking? It's really bugging me.

Both! :)

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Would Heavens and Steak be good dads?

Hm... I like to think that they would TRY to be good dads. Heavens would probably be a very neurotic dad that's tough to impress but ultimately very giving & loving. Steak would always look out for his kid, but be kind of emotionally distant. They'd be proud parents, no matter what, I think. Heavens would be very spare-the-rod-spoil-the-child, but very strict, but Steak would be a very easy-going dad but also come down hard if he was ever disappointed.

Being a parent is tough!

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How do you get ice cream in the underworld? you have to have milk and last i checked milk comes from living cows. Explain?

there is such a thing as non-dairy ice cream haha

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If there was a Helvetica and Transformers crossover, who is going to be paired with who?

This is difficult...... if we're talking g1, then I guess Helvetica would be with Bumblebee, Autumn with Jazz, Lucy with Prowl, Steak with Ironhide, and Good Heavens with Tracks!

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Did you know? You and Helvetica were mentioned on DYK Gaming's Undertale video? Also does Steak enjoy eating steak?

my friend showed me! that's pretty cool, thanks DYK Gaming. Steak likes to eat steak, but the only meat he eats these days is vegan. It comes with the price of dying.

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what is the dying point for skeletons? we saw that one with the drill holes in his head, but it's implied getting shot would kill them. how far do they have to go to die?

the point at which a skeleton dies is if the skull is destroyed or damaged to the point where there is more negative space than skull, if you get what i'm saying. the trepanation we see steak perform is clearly a really dire form of torture that doesn't always end in death.

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Hi Jones! How tall is Steak and Good Heavens?

short and tall :p

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What kind of music do you associate with the 'Helvetica' characters?

I'll tweet some songs from my personal Helvetica playlist from time to time... so far:

an overall theme for the comic-
Mikky Ekko - Who Are You, Really?

a theme song for Helvetica-
Hedley - Anything

a song for Good Heavens (and Lucy, somewhat)
Florrie - Little White Lies

i guess keep watch on my twitter for any future songs i feel like sharing!!

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